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How to prevent and cure effectively pollution of indoor environment radon, ammon

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Indoor environment is polluted, radon, ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, TVOC

As people living standard raise the improvement with living condition, also raised taller requirement to building adornment to decorate project quality, not only want beautiful, applicable, beg environmental protection health even, because this building adornment decorates a project,indoor environment pollution is controlled more and more be taken seriously. National construction ministry and quality are supervised examine quarantine total bureau 2002 (the month was released jointly " indoor environment pollution controls civil construction project standard " ) GB50325-2001((the following abbreviation " standard " ) , the environmental index that makes adornment decorates a project has a law to be able to be depended on. " standard " since carrying out a year many, each district detects about chroma of indoor environment contaminant the news of circumstance respect is not hopeful however, much is indoor decorate a project detect result the requirement of standard of short of country. Because the origin of indoor environment contaminant is complex, should accomplishing environmental protection to decorate is not an easy thing, personnel of need project technology considers to explore ceaselessly, thorough knowledge pollutes origin and characteristic, take the step of specific aim from the respect such as the reconnaissance of the project, design, material application, construction next, ability reduces indoor environment effectively to pollute, the requirement of up to mark.

1, the issue that pollution of radon of prevention and cure needs to notice
In detecting actually, we detect the circumstance that exceeds bid to radon is very little, but because radon is the very strong gas that cause cancer, still want to cause enough attention so. The radon in indoor environment contaminant basically comes from two respects, it is subterranean soil, 2 it is to build adornment to decorate use inorganic metalloid data.

The radon in soil basically causes building basement and pollution of an indoor radon, the radon content that in detect we discover basement is apparent on the high side, because the radon in subterranean soil is permeated,this basically is enter, general and ventilated condition differs together with basement, accumulate for a long time what cause radon. According to " standard " requirement, the radon chroma index in building the beard in the exploration data of the project to include soil, contain uranous, radium to measure tall layer especially, if layer of shale of rich uranous granite, vitriol, phosphate or geology rupture,take, should cause more take seriously, decide to take corresponding step according to chroma of the radon in soil. Blame geology ruptures all round prep above of chroma of the radon in construction location soil belt (times reach above, ' times the following, the measure that avoids craze of building inland face should be adopted to keep abreast of in engineering design a waterproof design; Blame geology ruptures all round prep above of chroma of the radon in area soil belt ' times reach above, want a basis " the radon in building low layer residence to build design and construction controls guideline " take step of building complex construction.

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