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"3 close " pollution of effective control formaldehyde

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It is the formaldehyde pollution that should notice adornment installs build and repair to become: Should note indoor environment factor particularly on adornment and the design that decorate, reasonable collocation decorates material, of mature interior space bear the weight of quantity and ventilation, improve indoor air quality; The construction technology that avirulent, little poison, free from contamination, little pollution should choose as far as possible on the construction craft that adornment decorates indoors, make use man-made board curium the mouth is in, should besmear with coating, make its sufficient solidify, can form stable covering layer so, send out in order to prevent the formaldehyde inside plank; Decorate the interior decoration that wants to choose qualification strictly according to national level on the choice that decorates material to decorate material indoors, at present the country had made 10 kinds " interior decoration decorates material harmful material set limit to " mandatory standard, free from contamination must choose to pollute the green product that conduces to consumer health less perhaps when consumer undertakes decorating decorating, choose what do not contain formaldehyde to stick glue agent, what do not contain formaldehyde is big core board, stick face plate to wait.

2 it is the formaldehyde pollution that should notice furniture causes: Want to notice to buy the furniture that accords with national level when buying furniture, ask for " furniture service instruction " , looked to whether indicate the content of formaldehyde. Notice furniture even at the same time with makings, had better choose the furniture that wooden plank expects sealed rate is higher; Should notice more when using new furniture: The furniture that buys newly is not eager to be being put into the bedroom, had better let the harmful gas in furniture release reoccupy of period of time as soon as possible conditionally; The clothing that an underwear, bedgown and children do not want as far as possible when the chest that the man-made board that buys newly makes is used is put inside. The quilt that summer puts in chest, blanket and autumn winter clothings also want to notice, meet inside adsorptive and many formaldehyde, when using must sufficient air is basked in or full; Want to notice to observe furniture uses a case, if buy,perhaps use exciting odour, hot eye discovers when the furniture that core board makes is being used greatly, discover family at the same time especially be like,children often appears uneasiness of skin allergy, mood, food not the symptom such as beautiful, successive cough, lv of take an examination may be the disaster that formaldehyde causes, want to adopt effective processing plan as soon as possible.
3 it is to should undertake undertaking in time detect and be administeringed; The house that new clothes builds and new bought furniture, or when should feeling indoor air quality is bad, had better detect please the unit undertakes detecting; After decorating, should not be enter instantly, should open a window ventilated let indoor pollution air send out, high temperature, high temperature, negative pressure meets those who accelerate formaldehyde send out strength, strengthen what ventilated frequency is helpful for formaldehyde to send out with eduction. If the formaldehyde in indoor environment already exceeded,mark should undertake in time be administeringed integratedly.
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