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How to prevent bedroom pollution

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Above all, housing should satisfy daylighting authority and ventilated authority. The happening that the bedroom pollutes, in the final analysis, propose the person in the house that have and house namely (include live thing) and article, changed the oneness with nature, indoor environmental protection should restore the harmony of indoor environment and nature namely. Accordingly, on the choice of housing, should satisfy two basic environment rights and interests above all -- daylighting authority and ventilated authority.
Daylighting counterpoises " everythings on earth grows rely on the sun " , indoor illumination is household is indispensable. The sunshine that daylighting authority is requirement room whole (include side) the lowermost value that must reach a country to set daylight factor. According to active regulation, ask every cover the residence at least due a living space can obtain sunshine, in covering the residence, should have live more than 4 hours space (namely advocate bedroom) , at least is unfavorable under 2 meters.
Due 2 hours obtain sunshine. Among them, distance ground height the area of an opening in a wall under 0.5 meters not plan enter aperture area inside, the edge on an opening in a wall is apart from ground height also
Ventilated authority occupies investigation, in a few big factors that affecting indoor air quality, ventilated and undesirable took an in part almost, be among them the mainest reason. Accordingly, ventilated take a breath is to improve the method with indoor the mainest air, in the meantime, also be to eliminate the step with the most significant contaminant of indoor noxiousness chemistry. Ventilated take a breath includes nature ventilated with artificial take a breath two kinds, at present the effect relatively beautiful person still be natural and ventilated.
Will tell commonly, want be enlightened wind to must have intake, bedroom, living room (hall) , bright the 1/20 that the ventilated mouth area of toilet should not be less than area of this room floor board; The ventilated mouth area of the kitchen should not be less than the 1/10 of kitchen floor area, must not be less than 0.6 square metre. According to standard of indoor air quality, indoor new wind force should maintain in 30 stere / hour • person.
Next, bedroom environment should maintain " green " change. Namely building, decorate, furniture, electric equipment and all sorts of life article, its are chosen, use, safeguard, maintain all should accord with environmental protection requirement, when be being bought especially, must strict according to environmental quality standard, choose seriously, accomplish as far as possible avirulent, harmless, utmost ground reduces indoor pollution and the harm to human body. Of building materials choose, advocate the natural lumber that accords with environmental protection standard, and use less as far as possible all sorts of " stone material " .
Again, want to pay attention to bedroom sanitation:
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