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How does expert of Guangzhou environmental protection teach you to make healthy

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In modern society, the time of the person that has more than 60 % on average all one's life is spent indoors, this scale is as high as 80 % in the city. Accordingly, indoor air quality and the relationship with healthy human body are very close.
Indoor air pollutes the family to basically include two kinds big: One kind is aeriform contaminant. If the kitchen cooks,oxide of the carbon monoxide of fried dish generation, nitrogen reachs strong carcinogenic substance. Interior decoration material, cosmetic, new furniture send out the poisonous and harmful substance that give, basically have ester of formaldehyde, benzene, aether kind, the volatile organic matter such as nitrile of 3 chloric ethylene, propylene. Person itself also is one of air pollution sources, concerned data shows, each everyday expiration makes an appointment with gas of 500 litres of carbon dioxide, the organic matter such as the lactic acid that the person's skin sends out amounts to 271 kinds. According to determining, the pollution that the pollution of a cigarette inside the bedroom compares a car is even big to the harm of human body.

Another kind is microbial contaminant. Wait like bacterium, virus, pollen and dirt mite. The place of indoor moisture, cause fungus easily, cause microbial pollution indoor air. Fungus is in a large number of progenitive processes, still can send out a rebarbative special bad smell. The health such as the irritability disease of the person that these biology pollution can cause a building to use and respiratory tract disease is damaged. Accordingly, can say " domestic environmental protection " is to should eliminate these to pollute origin mainly, offerred to the health of domestic member not only so assure, also can reduce the pollution of pair of external environments at the same time.

A few improvement introduce to you below the method of indoor air quality:

1, above all, when you decorate a building, the green that should choose to contain environmental protection to indicate decorates material. You can decorate the unit such as association to refer the detailed case of this respect to Chinese building, the staff that also can ask the indoor center that monitor will detect indoor air quality.

2, next, want to develop the function that takes lampblack chance adequately. No matter be to stir-fry to still heat water, want to open kitchen to provide only, answer smoke lampblack machine to open, shut backstairs at the same time, open the window, be helpful for airiness so, remove contaminant.

3, cover is dropped when closestool pours water, at ordinary times need not when do not open as far as possible.

4, solid delay had better be used in cistern commentate disinfectant, choose safe and effective air to disinfect a product to purify air.

5, in addition, when cleaning sanitation, had better use cleaner conditionally, perhaps use mop and wet rag. If use broom, the movement wants light, do not pollute air of dirt raise accentuation. Do not use carpet as far as possible, " feather duster " .
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