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Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection teachs you: Chaste tree of Piao of

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Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection teachs you: ? of chaste tree of Piao of Ga of target of Mi of exterminate of fade of archives of Ы of travel of coil up Wo

It is the control that should have contaminative a source. The country is made and pollution of condition of core of room of perfect construction project controls a standard, each should press a standard to execute the law strictly about the branch, check production and the building that sell harmful material to exceed bid are mixed stoutly decorate material. In the meantime, beaded finish condition safeguard, increase strength to administer industrial waste gas and soot to discharge, car tail gas is discharged, do the work of good protection natural environment and afforest city. The state of indoor air quality decides greatly at the big environment outdoor.
2 it is to should raise consciousness of indoor environmental protection. When people is decorating a building, want to understand the basic knowledge of indoor environmental protection more, want to have healthy first consciousness. Use what normal company produces to accord with national level decorate and decorate material, identify accurate CMA mark please; Be in with when decorating a company to sign a contract, should make clear indoor environment to ask; When furniture of choose and buy, should choose normal company to produce and the product with exciting lesser odour; The house is decorated, do not be eager to, best and ventilated period of time, the harmful gas in yielding material sends out more as far as possible; After entering bridal chamber, many window, make sure room inside and outside is ventilated take a breath.
3 it is to should install indoor air purifying device. Eliminating indoor air to pollute effective method is ventilated take a breath. In the airtight space that relies on air conditioning system, the effective method that maintains indoor air quality is to use air purifying device to purify indoor air, best choice has the air purifying device that decomposes organic contaminant function, be like smooth catalysis air purifier, can achieve purify effect of indoor airy ideal. Additional, cultivate the greenery that can absorb harmful gas indoors, not only beautification bedroom, still can reduce concentration of indoor and harmful gas. The plant that recruits formaldehyde for instance has the cactus, bracketplant, flower that help man (renown Africa chrysanthemum) , Jin Lu a bamboo basket, view and admire brake of birch, Lu Hui, ear, ivy, sago cycas, chrysanthemum, duck to jump careless, tiger without the flower end orchid. Flower of the brake having side that eliminates xylene, ivy, sago cycas, chrysanthemum, red marabou. Red marabou flower still can absorb toluene, ammonia. Daisy, evergreen has specially good effect to eliminating 3 chloric ethylene.

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