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The pollution of interior decoration material

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Of the addition as people income and standard of living rise, a lot of families begin to improve his living condition. But, when decorating a building, certain person pays attention to luxurious and gentle style only, and oversight the pollution of material of a few adornment to indoor environment and reach pair of healthy harms.
Now a lot of indoor decoration material are plastic, chemical fibber goods, if carpet of plastic floor, plastic furniture, plastic spray, plastic wallpaper, plastic shutter, chemical fibber is waited a moment. In these plastic products, contain the toxic raw material such as nitrile of formaldehyde, chloric ethylene, styrene, propylene, they are met from inside finished product slowly volatilize come out, there still is the additive such as a lot of volatile plasticizers, age resistor in plastic, chemical fibber what is more,the rather that more.
A lot of coating divide dye outside, it is actually high polymer compound (colophony) deliquescent in the make it in solvent mucous, solvent volatilizes dry hind can form tough and beautiful diaphragm. The dissolvent that serves as coating and paint is commonly xylene, ethylbenzene or 3 toluene, 4 toluene the mixture that wait. Their monomer and dissolvent can volatilize come out, it is toxic substance mostly. Paint medium dye contains lead and cadmium, lead is particularly big to the menace of children, the reason is children often fills in the hand that has felt wall and window into the mouth, children is right at the same time plumbic absorption ability compares adult tower above 4 times, so children sucks the lead that be like more than growing up, the family that has a child should choose the painting that does not contain lead.
With the furniture that plywood makes, its adhesive contains formaldehyde to be able to volatilize come out to pollute air. Leatheroid sofa can be released send allergic material. The health that these volatile material cause indoor air to pollute opposite iron has quite influence. After people is moved cheerfully into the bedroom that decorates anew or office before long, some possibilities feel skin itching, asthma, bosom is close, have a fever badly even, the skin allergy that this contains place of toxic gas, toxic substance to cause because of interior decoration material namely, respiratory tract is affected.
If used plastic products and coating, paint, should open wide door window to let its volatilize, live again for some time too person. After person occupy, also should often ventilated, in order to reduce the concentration of these volatile material. Of course, best indoor decoration, should use natural data, avoid uses combustible material, poisonous data. Current, shanghai already began about the branch formulate health, environmental protection, safety standard of green building materials.

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