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Environmental protection is decorated, environmental protection home assembles d

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Well-known, if household decorates link carelessly environmental protection, peculiar smell of room hard to avoid diffuses, the person that weigh still can endanger family health. Come as summer however, air temperature is climbed at full speed litre, those conceal become more active at the poisonous volatile such as the formaldehyde in the product such as plank, furniture, ambry, should accomplishing environmental protection home to install is extremely difficult more!

Design and deserve to act the role of: Environmental protection home holds the first stage

Green design is environmental protection decorates pilot the first pace, be " environmental protection home holds complete solution " important one annulus. The content of interior design includes: Of equitable distribution, natural light and lamplight apply, colorific is tie-in, airy pollution.

It is with layout exemple, as a result of very much now room door model the design is not very perfect, when door model when the design cannot satisfy a requirement completely, with respect to need indoor stylist tries to transform, give somebody a new lease on life a comfortable, healthy indoor surroundings. A good design should the planar function of mature bedroom is divisional, as far as possible innovation gives the interior space of noninterference of divisional and clear, mutual independence, each other. On environmental protection, want to satisfy the postulate such as indoor natural lighting, ventilated, adiabatic, heat preservation as far as possible, do not want keep out nature as far as possible daylighting and ventilated, when natural lighting is insufficient, should increase downy artificial illume.

Deserving to act the role of also is a knowledge, above all, colorific collocation wants reasonable, do not make the person produces the feeling such as fretful, exhaustion. Next, primary and secondary wants trenchant, do not make the person produces dazzling feeling. Additional, also can put greenery indoors, in beautification environment while can improve indoor microenvironment appropriately, can increase air humidity.

Green construction: Excelsior

Construction is the process that the design effect that draws stylist on blueprint becomes reality, it is a key that decides to decorate a result so.

Indoor decorate should choosing environmental protection material had been a topic that be alluded extensively by people and gets attention fully, decorate want environmental protection, must use a few high levels and the building materials that pollution points to number is small as far as possible.

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