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Beware pollution of wooden floor formaldehyde

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The ground that real wood floor is natural environmental protection originally decorates material, but the data filling up a layer that floor installation uses (splint) often can cause indoor air pollution. For example: The room of a 100 square metre, use inferior plywood to amount to 30 pieces, airtight 12 hours, the formaldehyde in air can exceed mark 3~10 times. The reason depends on: The data filling up a layer that uses when installing a floor board is plywood (namely splint) , and a lot of businessmen install cost to reduce, use inferior plywood to install the material that fill up a layer as the floor, after installation is finished, the floor is the plywood that cannot see place of the stuff that fill up a layer is used, friend customer cannot discern at all the actor bad of splint. The place in inferior plywood contains harmful gas -- formaldehyde, colorless, aculeate nose odour, basically originate the formaldehyde gum that in producing splint and family property, uses and uric aldehyde glue, formaldehyde exceeds mark to be able to cause disease of leukaemia, respiratory system, have a headache wait for disease happening, pregnant woman can bring about abortion, stillborn foetus, fetal deformation to wait. And formaldehyde volatilizes not easily, the harm is abiding, so consumer must be strengthened in floor installation process supervise.
If use splint installation, the GB18580 that the formaldehyde of splint releases a quantity to must accord with a country to promulgate - 2001 in E1 grade level. According to national level, GB / T20238 - 2006 in 4.1.2 in regulation -- the plywood formaldehyde that uses in installation releases a quantity to should accord with GB18580 - 2001 in the regulation of E1 class, 9 millimeter of ply ≥ , if short of this standard, this project decides for unqualified.
And relative standard of this project short of, the healthy issue that affects customer directly, consumer should enhance healthy environment consciousness, the home that chooses environmental protection assembles data.
Businessman of a few well-known trademark already began to recommend now use natural batten to replace splint to do a floor to install the material that fill up a layer, it is to be worth to advocate use environmental protection data, but should use material qualitative density relatively the lumber of moderate does a floor to install the material that fill up a layer, and should do insect-resistant, anticorrosive with dry processing, most common is to use deal to make the material that fill up a layer. If him consumer is indistinguishable true and false is false and inferior when the product, can to local floor major committee of committee, floor quality appraisal consult

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