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How does consumer protect the radioactivity material harm in be is he built and

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When undertaking office building and family are decorated, should reasonable collocation and make decorate material, had better not accumulate in the bedding face in the room use data of a kind of adornment. To prevent indoor radioactivity material exorbitant, had better be in what radioactivity background has before new housing is decorated to detect, will conduce to stone material and the option that open body brick variety so.
Arrive when material of stone of choose and buy of building materials market and architectural pottery product, should ask for product radioactivity to detect to agency report, want to notice whether the report is original, name of the businessman in the report and place buy the name or description of a commodity whether conform to, still have additionally detect result category (A, B, C) .
Did not detect to the businessman the product of the stone material of the report and ceramic tile, best method is to ask an expert to undertake with advanced instrument radioactivity detects, decide to whether be bought again next.

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