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Why be man-made stone material? Of stone material maintain skill!

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Man-made stone material, just as its name implies is not the stone capable person that raw material of natural stone lumber is machined and becomes 100 percent namely. What make way by its is different can divide it is 2 kinds: It is pink of stone of raw material wear hind, rejoin chemistry drug, ankylose the agent, become plank with tall suppress, add artificial pigment and copy on exterior colour and lustre Yuan Shiwen road, raise much change to reach alternative. Another kind calls man-made hillock stone, it is will original rock after breaking into pieces, join colloid with stone vacuum agitate, use high pressure to shake the figuration that means makes, make piece cliff piece, repass cut becomes building materials flag; Divide outside withholding natural grain, still can pass beforehand choose unified design and color, add the color that like, or built-in glass, Yakeli, abound the diversity of its colour and lustre.

Common use at indoor adornment ground material to arenaceous shellfish of hillock stone, pearl and article fossil wait, its hardness unlike natural stone material euqally hard, and having difference of apparently simple sense. But because of its price greatly under natural stone material, apply thereby increasingly general, what contain 90 % especially is natural the synthetic hillock stone of original rock, overcame natural stone material easy rupture, not easy pilot is short of grain break, withheld the raw ingredient of natural stone material, position is occupied on global market, even the ground material that replaces marble, granite uses a trend.
Because stone material floor has natural water imbibition, if do not take care,wait for coffee, tea colored beverage so, on ground of material of overset Yu Shi, by the besmirch that yellow can leave after its are absorbed, if not advertent processing is wiped with cleaner casually,brush, will leave cankerous mark, perhaps besmirch goes besides, dan Guangze also disappeared. The pigment that reason needs to choose pure neutral pollutes cleaner, will smeary decompose can.

Care and maintenance wants stone capable person note:

Need to be wiped often, maintain exterior cleanness and wax regularly glazing, keep stone material face from beginning to end shine be like like that new.

Avoid acerbity apperception eductional systme to taste surface of material of direct contact stone as far as possible, lest cause chemical reaction, bring about color difference or the quality that affect Shicai.

Avoid shoe heel to nail as far as possible direct, grind often the ground, create stone material appearance coarse lacklustre

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