Does indoor environment expert teach you how is the choose and buy big core boar

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Look to whether accord with national level. Bureau of national qualitative prison was announced on January 1, 2002 carried out " interior decoration decorates material in man-made board and its goods harmful material set limit to " , the requirement is used at directly indoor greatly the formaldehyde of core board is released the quantity must is less than and be equal to 1.5 milligram / litre, general and normal manufacturer produces have detect report.
The location of the 2 trade mark that should examine a manufacturer, crude place of production, mark that prevent bogus, look to produce the product of manufacturer normally. 3 look greatly the exterior quality of core board. See big core board the surface whether level off, have without warp, be out of shape, have without bubbly, cave; Core arrange orderly, aperture Yue Xiaoyue is good, core have without decayed, rupture, scar of wormhole, section, usually, the big core with exterior good quality board immanent quality is corresponding better.
4 hear whether to have exciting taste. If greatly core board sends out the lumber odour of faint scent, demonstrative formaldehyde is released less; If odour is pungent, demonstrative formaldehyde releases a quantity more, must not buy.
5 it is to buying a contract one perhaps increases on bill " must accord with national level " model of written characters, had better leave a sample in construction at the same time, once the project ends to as a result of,discover later greatly problem of core board quality causes indoor environment to pollute, can regard judgement as the basis of responsibility with this.
How reasonable use big core board pollute in order to reduce formaldehyde
It is reasonable and affirmatory use quantity. General the bedroom that 100 square metre control uses big core board do not exceed 20 pieces. Notice not to use big core below the floor especially board do scaleboard, lest cause the formaldehyde in indoor air,exceed bid badly.
2 it is to had been done greatly the facing processing of core board, according to the country " interior decoration decorates material in man-made board and its goods harmful material set limit to " requirement, the big core that formaldehyde releases a quantity to every litres are less than and be equal to 5 milligram board must facing processing is rear can allow to be used at indoor.
3 it is the big core that handles to cannot undertaking facing board undertake purify and closing handling, big core is used in be being decorated especially board inside all sorts of all sorts of made furniture backboard, ark board wait inside gentle air cover, there is a few to eliminate on the market at present and close the product of formaldehyde, decorating while cooperate to use the effect best.
4 be after decorating, want to detect, do not be eager to. If formaldehyde pollutes a problem, must undertake depurative administering.

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