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Indoor the man-made plank that decorates a large number of use, comprise big core board, stick furniture of plank of floor of face plate, compound wood, man-made to wait a moment, occupy indoor area big, release formaldehyde to affect all and interior space. Accordingly, chroma of formaldehyde of indoor air quality amounts to refer the wholesome standard of 0.08mg / M3, must catch formaldehyde to pollute a source first -- , man-made plank. Plank of man-made of public demand green, release a quantity around formaldehyde, gathered together tripartite side issue.
The first it is adhesive. Before new adhesive development comes out, because of inside what the manufacturer uses extensively is the synthetic adhesive that urea adds formaldehyde. If want to achieve the technical target of force of low formaldehyde, tall agglutinate, criterion cost should rise, best entrance adhesive, have price than domestic product 8 times taller say. The manufacturer plaints, is common people to buy lumber to still buy adhesive? Means releases a quantity for bring down formaldehyde and increase cost common people to you can welcome? Because lumber has price, adhesive has price, health does not have valence, the public still welcomes low formaldehyde plank. Astute manufacturer, or average mouth recipe, or proper motion development, combinative site seeks between adhesive formaldehyde content and price, formaldehyde of implementation of do one's best amounts to mark and investment is less, this pair wins strategy to indicate for a lot of environments man-made plank manufacturer brought outstanding benefit. The formaldehyde of man-made plank allows to release volume level is 0.20mg / M3, 100 continuous heavy rain of the Sichuan auspicious elephant in product of environmental mark attestation, Shanghai but low amount to 0.04mg of ~ of 0.03mg / M3 / M3. The formaldehyde of wooden floor allows to release volume level is 0.12mg / M3, this is the index value that conforms with the European Union. Dragon of number of full ground of the Ou Dian in product of environmental mark attestation, blessing, De Ren, Bai Gao, Fu Lin but low amount to 0.02mg / M3, this is the way of the effect a permanent cure, the very lively formaldehyde that the advertisement on the market does one gush is clean, have the effect that study a list only, most and slow formaldehyde chroma in releasing air, do not send at overmuch hope.
The 2nd it is to detect method. Detect scientificly report, talk with data, make most public be convinced. The environment indicates attestation stipulates with 1 stere air chamber the law detects, also be the arbitral standard that national mandatory standard sets. Accordingly, the low formaldehyde index that all environments indicate the product is achieved, all be the data that arbitral law checks. The data that checks than bore law, desiccator law won't appear the sampling that bore position brings is representative the controversy of the problem. From 1999 up to now, chinese man-made plank detects the center was environmental mark attestation to issue law of 46 1m3 air chamber to detect in all report.
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