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Winter is indoor raise a flower to purify air to have exquisite

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Winter is indoor raise a flower to purify air to have pay attention to

Winter is indoor raise a flower to purify air to have exquisite
Draw near winter, frequency of indoor take a breath opening a window is reduced greatly, air is not current, these modern household articles for use cause the addition of the poisonous and harmful gas such as sulfur of carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation easily, go up to also be met somehow enroach on arrives our body. If a few greenery can be raised in the bedroom, can have the effect of beautification environment already, but beneficial at house-owner healthy.


Name hook orchid, hang orchid, fragrant throughwort ginseng, She Helan, belong to lily division, produce south Africa formerly, be known as the “ purifier ” in the bedroom.

Close predestined relationship plants: Gilt-edged bracketplant, golden heart bracketplant, silver-colored edge bracketplant.

Suit limits: Do not have limitation to living space.

Main function: Can eliminate the formaldehyde pollution inside house, and have powerful suction corrupt competence.

Configuration feature: Perennial often green herbaceous, subterranean root flesh qualitative, fleshy. Foliaceous form if orchid, the bine carries small Miao Shili to spend 4 excessive, very refined, it is the good plant that occupies indoor condole to hang view leaf.

Conserve method: Bracketplant is fond of warm and wet half shade environment, not cold-resistant, be afraid that burning sun insolates. Appropriate temperature is between 15-20 ℃ , winter should prep above 5 ℃ . Lax to edaphic requirement, but must drainage is good. Want to choose neuter to foster earth to make basin land, with OK and suspensory medium or small flowerpot is cultivated.

A bracketplant is placed inside the bedroom, inside 24 hours but the harmful gas such as oxide of sulfur of will indoor carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation, nitrogen is absorbed clean, have the effect of the inhaler.

Jin Hu,

Renown ivory ball, belong to cactus division, produce Mexico formerly mid.

Suit limits: The bedroom that just had decorated, study or 40 square metre - inside sitting room of 150 square metre.

Main function: Absorb the formaldehyde, ether poisonous and harmful gas that decorates generation, absorb computer radiation.

Configuration feature: Vivacious meat qualitative plant, cauline circle is globose, large, tall 30-120cm, diameter can amount to L00cm, sheet is unripe. Cauline ball has edge orderly arrange, thorn bigger, provide radiative shape hard thorn to grow make an appointment with 3cm, golden color.

Conserve method: Jin Hu likes illumination to be mixed amply the environment of high temperature, do not be able to bear or endure summertime burning sun is point-blank, not cold-resistant. The requirement contains limy sandiness soil. Temperature of live through the winter 15 ℃ above, asperse water mist to sphere gush regularly. Conserve tens of year can Yo becomes tremendous cauline ball, very grand. In 40 ~ the high temperature of 50 ℃ falls, if do not have burning sun point-blank, still grow good.

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