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How to differentiate the actor bad of building materials

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The Spring Festival already passed, the aftertaste of New Year still drifts in ave lane, bound of household building materials and home outfit consumer already were in the Communist Party of China greeted year of flavour to begin newly together.   
Many homes install consumer to mirror, turn to city of size building materials nowadays, the building materials of full of beautiful things in eyes often can allow option of person have no way, the noun that is novelty makes a person muddleheaded, do not clear real quality how; 2 it is different brand between coessential change an appearance serious, each characteristic is not apparent, differentiate is not clear whose better.
If be known to the actor bad have no way of building materials, drop businessman trap very easily, accentuation decorates pollution. How Where is the actor bad that resolution material builds? The following respects need to notice:
1, revolution of wear-resisting of aggrandizement wood floor and formaldehyde release a quantity still is crucial
Aggrandizement wood floor passes processing of intensity of pressure, overcame drying shrinkage of real wood floor wet distensible weakness, design color is rich, maintain simple, its surface is bright and clean spend and wear-resisting performance is high it is the biggest characteristic. Have some of aggrandizement floor board however and did not reach the basiccest state level. Press regulation of national quality standard, the formaldehyde of eligible wood floor releases a quantity to must not exceed 1. 5mg / L, wear-resisting revolution ≥ of the surface 6000 turn. But at present the formaldehyde of compound wood floor releases some aggrandizement the quantity exceeds a standard to set greatly, some wear-resisting revolution has 100 to turn more only, affect the service life of the floor badly not only, and cause indoor air pollution very easily.
2, harmful material content and cover ability cannot ignore coating
No matter be emulsioni paint or carpentry lacquer, safety performance namely the content of poisonous and harmful material needs an attention most, the harmful material such as content of the VOC in coating, benzene, toluene, xylene, heavy metal exceeds mark to be able to be opposite human body causes harm.
When choosing emulsioni paint, besides should ask for material of product environmental protection to detect to the businessman outside the report, choose adherent force according to different need even ability of strong, cover is strong, qualitative feeling is exquisite, be able to bear or endure the pulverization, waterproof, coating that fights mildew, easy scrub, reduce wall body to appear thereby subtle break, paint film flakes, the happening of the phenomenon such as mildew spot.
3, ceramic tile does not have radiation harrass, wear-resisting is spent, warp spends a key
Problem of ceramic tile radiate becomes the issue with the afraidest consumer for a time. Good ceramic tile glaze should flowing, exquisite, burnish is glittering and translucent bright beautiful, blow ceramic tile to won't leave scratch with acute content; Knock ceramic tile, sound is clearer, show porcelain is changed spend and density jumps over tall, hardness much better; Observe whether ceramic tile flank is flat, what if warp is met,affect ceramic tile is firm.
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