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Build the announcement that quality of condition of project room core manages about strengthening Beijing citizen to use
Beijing of document of Beijing construction committee is built qualitative [2002]908 date

Each area, county is built appoint, each overall situation (head office) , each concern an unit:
Build quality of condition of project room core to manage to strengthen this citizen to use, carry out national level further " control of pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project is normative "
(GB50325, 2001) , the following abbreviation " standard " , safeguard user interest and safeguard people healthy, notice concerned provision as follows now:
One, construction unit wants those who strengthen pair of housing materials to enter the arena check and accept with management. The harmful material content that examines housing materials entering the arena strictly detects report, answer by the standard of answer check must answer check, without detect report or answer check is unqualified, should grant to return money. Forbidden the housing materials that uses harmful material content not to accord with a country to set.
2, the watch that inspect manage unit wants to strengthen content of harmful to housing materials material manages. Experiment to needing to witness, inspect manage personnel should fulfil testimony obligation seriously. Ensure eligible material is used at the project.
3, the housing materials that construction unit proper motion purchases, construction unit ought to make sure material quality accords with design requirement and national level regulation. Construction unit is not gotten bright the housing materials that show or alludes construction unit to use harmful material content not to accord with national level.
4, the capable person of natural granite rock that face of interior trim of room of civil construction project employs, indoor the man-made board that decorates place to use and facing man-made board, should according to " standard " formulary project, amount undertakes sampling answer check. Sample answer check should carry out testimony sampling and send check to concern a provision.
5, before complete of civil construction project is checked and accept, build an unit must according to " standard " requirement, entrust what approbate via assessment to detect the orgnaization is right indoor radon, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, total volatile organic compound (the chroma index of TV0c) undertakes detecting. Quality of condition of core of room of civil construction project detects the result nots agree with when adding up to normative regulation, criterion off quality of condition of core of this project room. Construction unit does not get pair of indoor environment quality to detect as a result unqualified project organizes complete to check and accept, must not throw more use.
6, assume complete of quality of condition of core of room of civil construction project to check and accept detect of business detect orgnaization, must obtain city to build appoint the metric attestation that aptitude is approbated and supervises a department through quality technology. Detect the indoor environment quality that the orgnaization wants to be issued to its detects the report assumes legal responsibility.

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