Qualitative deposit of toxicant of indoor air pollution is easy cause disease

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Qualitative deposit of toxicant of indoor air pollution is easy cause disease

Qualitative deposit of toxicant of indoor air pollution is easy cause disease
After entering a winter, because air temperature is inferior, old person and children stay for a long time inside the space of door window lock, breath is less than fresh air, toxic substance is deposit inside sky, cause respiratory tract disease easily. The person that buy housing newly especially, because decorate or new bought furniture brings formaldehyde and benzene pollution to exist generally, should cause especially take seriously.

January 8 days, our city king abandons a person to press down one village to enter the calamity that resident plum gentleman pollutes by indoor air newly, after the son that its resent 8 years old moves new home by force by force oneself, suffer from indescribably went up asthmatic, simple cold causes the family thinks at the beginning, expert of hospital of classics city children is diagnosed, the culprit that causes asthma is formaldehyde. Jinan city indoor air is supervised examine the station warns broad citizen about the expert, want to adopt the following kinds of measure to prevent actively.

One, want much more ventilated. Prevent condition of winter room core to pollute, answer to improve ventilated condition as far as possible, reduce airy to pollute degree. Show according to investigating a data, in air not current indoor, the virus bacterium in air flies foam some floats be as long as more than hours 30. If often open the door window take a breath, foul air can wave, and indoor get enough light, a variety of virus, bacteria also is caused hard with breed. Furniture morning opens window take a breath to answer not less than 15 minutes, the school had better use gym and break ten minutes, open door window, change air, make sure fresh air is current.

2, should do the activity outdoor more. Hiemal a lot of diseases spread through air, be like the flu, pathogen that spreads the disease such as the head, mostly parasitism go up at mucous membrane of respiratory tract of nose pharynx ministry, when people cough, sneeze, josh, virus, bacteria arrives along with flying foam in air, healthy person again and again after the inspiratory belt poison, air that brings bacterium, very easy infection is ill. When weather fine good calm, old person, children should arrive outdoors do right amount activity. Decrease as far as possible in public time, avoid to be in especially crowd very congested time stays for long in a few large public in.

3, should use air to purify material to had done indoor airy to purify the elimination with harmful gas more. The report that international cancer organizes was sure our country uses the convulsions device of the kitchen adequately, reduce the practice that indoor air pollutes. There are all sorts of indoor airs to purify a product on the market at present, everybody can have the use of the choice.

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