Buy solid Mu Fu to join a floor board careful preventing is contaminative plank

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A lot of decorating door floor of first selection of the material that lay the ground kind product, and solid Mu Fu adds up to a floor to depend on " stability good, installation is convenient, do easily " wait for a lot of advantage, gradually the wooden floor product of predominate. But, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor brand various, norms is not neat, fine bad people is jumbly, price discretion great disparity, and exterior difference is very little, bring very great difficulty to consumer preference. The expert warns broad customer, want to choose meticulously when choosing solid Mu Fu to join a floor board, of beware of salesperson 3 big " flicker " .
"Flicker " one of: Colour and lustre is sleek easy wear-resisting
So called " colour and lustre is sleek " often have very big moisture content, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor itself is natural production, give off light only shine what to to represent. Did not choose high grade log, or to reduce cost do not go wooden skin, after that reoccupy paint gives daub of inferior floor surface so called " plump colour and lustre " , shoddy. A Mu Si Zhuang is in this a little bit to go up to be worth pride very much: Because use high order and degree, the wooden skin that chooses meticulously, si Zhuang of Mu of A of lubricious to nature product need not be passed color is added in paint in order to mask blemish and chromatism. Can make Mu Wen clearer, facial expression is more natural. And go up in wear-resisting index, more with 7 bottoms paint 9 layers 2 times in all and " brilliant face is cubic " the technology makes of wooden floor fight scratch and wear-resisting function to raise 5 times above, need not fear pet and furniture touch the nick that appears gently in floor surface, use fixed number of year grows substantially greatly.
"Flicker " : It is good to import old brand
Current, solid Mu Fu adds up to floor brand on the market very confused, the frequency that new brand appears is quite tall, about the same each month has 35 brands to be born. People is in take a brand seriously while also by brand place tired. Walk into floor market, "Japan is imported " , " Germany is imported " or " top class " , " high-quality goods " mark everywhere is visible. The expert points out, truly mature brand is to be paid attention to very with consumer communication and after service, have be sure without belongings, have without guarantee card, whether to sell continuously by manufacturer, the product is monopolistic etc should understand before consumer preference product. Otherwise, the problem appears to be accepted with respect to nobody in use process, bring a lot of inconvenience to oneself.
"Flicker " : Floor of green environmental protection
In recent years, "Healthy " , " green " became popular word. Be aimed at " green environmental protection " propagandist upsurge, the vice-president explanation of A Mu Si Zhuang says: "The standard of the green building materials that organization of international environmental protection sets is formaldehyde releases a quantity not prep above 9mg/100g, for the health of you and your family, answer to choose the brand under this standard as far as possible. " general, the floor board that has environmental protection function truly can have the product certification of authoritative orgnaization. Visible, before consumer is buying a floor board, need to do collect of information of a few markets, the Guangzhou professional air related sufficient understanding detects data and attestation orgnaization ability are publicized to multifarious product " identify " .
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