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How whether does differentiate furniture formaldehyde exceed bid

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Reader Mr Liu goes 10 thousand lis to the Chinese quality that is set in our newspaper Shanghai complains station report, a when he buys wooden furniture a few months went still taste is bad. He asks city furniture quality to supervise examine the station did formaldehyde test to furniture, eventuate 5.6mg/L, it is nearly 4 times what the country sets.

The reporter interviewed supervisory bureau of city quality technology 12365 complain inform against central director Wu Ying, she says, causing formaldehyde to exceed the main reason of mark is manufacturer of some furniture production is used inferior coating, adhesive and all sorts of inferior man-made board regard furniture as complementary makings, when so consumer is buying furniture, do not ignore furniture " complementary makings " problem, should see well at the same time the capable person that clear furniture keeps in the contract is qualitative, include complementary material. Customer can judge formaldehyde to whether exceed bid with simple and easy method, if open the door of ambry, enter head explore, if the eye has the feeling that gets stimulation to weep apparently, or odour weighs choke person especially, the possibility that formaldehyde exceeds bid is larger. The most accurate differentiate method still asks legal to pledge check branch is made examine.

Couplet of Li Song of our newspaper reporter
Origin: Oriental net - civil report

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