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How furniture of environmental protection of choose and buy?

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Real wood furniture
The choice accords with the carpentry lacquer of national level and adhesive, the furniture that mix oil should notice the heavy metal content that national level asks. Furniture of a few real wood should use a few man-made inside chest, bookcase especially board, should have the face at the same time close and handle.
Man-made board furniture:
Notice whether sealing side processing, include drawer board, clapboard and covert all end panel. Furniture backboard, scaleboard and drawer motherboard must use double face plate, ask double face plate is production of normal production manufacturer at the same time, formaldehyde releases a quantity to want to accord with national level to ask.
Cloth art furniture:
Special attention the quality of filler and adhesive, can open an examination on the spot, looking is small go all out those who stick, hear whether to have taste. Notice the woodiness frame of cloth art furniture is polluted, inferior big core board board meeting causes cheap perhaps man-made formaldehyde pollution. Fabrics also wants to notice, the textile safety standard that the country implements this year has firm formaldehyde content demand.

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