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Differentiating inferior furniture base material is crucial, control furniture p

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Because lack the knowledge that uses material knowledge to furniture place, when consumer is buying furniture, furniture exterior design looks and do not have apparent difference obviously questioningly, but why to differ however from the respect such as the price, environmental protection, odour very far? The condition that causes furniture pollution thereby exists generally also. Inferior furniture is put in let you differentiate at the moment, you do not look to go out namely have what trouble.
In furniture actually production is used there is very big distinction on makings, a few manufacturer produce link to be put in the trap of many jerry, perpetrate a fraud in furniture, need get behind of ability of fine fractionize differentiate.
Use inferior base material
Use not classics is dry with moth-eaten base material, on the high side of such furniture moisture content, after creating furniture finished product extremely easily, appear be out of shape or craze.
And with decayed or the furniture that the timber after bug eat by moth makes, serious conference appears furniture cave in.
Base material mixes assemble
Because man-made board furniture is used more,be in base material is exterior undertake sticking face illuminative method, although furniture cabinet put oneself in another's position is departmental cent exterior is accordingly consistent, but the partial base material in furniture is foot of the handle that be moved by manufacturer however.
If have predecessor of some of furniture cabinet put oneself in another's position and cupboard door,those who use is accord with environmental protection and quality requirement 3 get together cyanogen amine board,
Interior is made jerry
As a result of what board type furniture uses with glue entirely sticky agent agglutinate makes man-made board, very sensitive to water, accordingly its waterproof properties must pass board stick face and sealing side processing to be able to ensure.
And some manufacturer for managing cost, furniture is in-house board with board union is in not sealing side processing, cause furniture to encounter water to rupture on one hand, at the same time the formaldehyde in material also cannot be cut off adequately, and create furniture formaldehyde flavor very heavy.
Hardware be changed
Change in furniture installation cheap hardware and jerry.
For example, the body after the ark face lens of coat ark is not had, without layering, use nail fixed position only. This kind of jerry practice, cause ark face lens extremely easily broken.
Expert of Guangzhou environmental protection hints
Answer to survey furniture sample carefully when buying furniture, and guide buys kind of stuff of young lady inquire and brand.
When signing furniture to buy a contract, requirement salesperson, the content that introduces according to its indicates one by one.
Do not mix with a '' with the color of furniture, simple perhaps type the model of written characters of consistent '' replaces factory land sample, of such contracts sign did not have sanction, let inferior furniture manufacturer do not have an opportunity given by.
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