Board type furniture becomes pollution " number one public enemy "

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The center of area of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration that monitor releases customer warned in caution of the 2nd indoor environment 2004: The condition of core of the 3rd big room after the indoor environment pollution that furniture causes has become afterwards building, adornment to pollute pollutes a source. However, in investigation the reporter discovers, furniture regards family and office building as the main component of the main articles for use inside and interior decoration, when most consumer is buying furniture, what often care most is the price, design, charge for the making of sth. , and ignored the healthy and safe issue that matters to a person directly.

Because the adhesive of man-made board contains free formaldehyde, many benzene and toluene and xylene are contained in a few gum that use in furniture, lacquer, coating, the margin that these poisonous and harmful material can put Tibet for long and carries furniture is unoccupied place release, long-term effect can produce undesirable reaction at human body. Be like long-term and chronic inspiratory formaldehyde, can bring about disease of chronic respiratory tract to increase. Investigation shows, a few consumer send out because of furniture after buying new furniture " peculiar smell " , appeared dazed, disgusting and respiratory tract is unwell wait for a symptom, and chronic benzene is toxic can make medullary hematopoiesis function produces an obstacle, cause aplastic anemia.

The reporter understands, board type furniture mostly with particieboard, medium density beaverboard wait for man-made board to be base material, the surface is acted the role of with 3 get together to the adornment material such as cyanogen amine undertakes sealing side is handled and be become. Than other furniture (according to the facts wood, steel wood, plastic, ) demand of index of environmental protection function is stronger. The expert points out, if board type furniture is handled on integral quality bad, be sure to become indoor environment to pollute a source " number one public enemy " .


When buying examine carefully 3 large segment

Place of Sichuan province product quality supervision and inspection is light industrial Director Chen tells the center the reporter, spell adornment of outfit combination, edge, face, metal, plastic the quality that 3 kinds of elements such as quality and main measure affect board type furniture likewise.

According to introducing, spell outfit combination to basically see bore be in tongue-and-groove orderly, join whether firm, plane and form of the T after end panel joins seam an installation hind have space, drive with the hand shake a phenomenon. The cent of the door, drawer is seamed whether gap is too big, general requirement does not exceed 1, 2mm, the open of the door and drawer drives whether agile freely to wait. Adornment of edge, face basically sees his decorate the gelatinize on the component whether even, felt whether firm, long edge whether level off is smooth, by component board, the place leaving an opening such as face plate of door plank, drawer can inspect place end panel whether sealing side processing, adornment does not touch the mark that gives felt on the outline side excellent plank.
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