Furniture pollution already became time bomb

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Buy new furniture to appear more and more become a bloodcurdling issue, latter reporter is not to hear somebody bought new furniture to let the home become gas chamber, after hearing the brand furniture of so-called green furniture moves somebody general some into new home namely, have the effect that reduces fly unexpectedly, not by let a person be between tears and smiles.

According to association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitors working committee to investigate statistic, furniture pollution has become afterwards to build the pollution, new issue that after decorating pollution, indoor environment pollutes, become cause one of 3 big pollution causes of room core condition. Qualitative pioneer environmental protection emphasizes in Guangzhou, furniture pollutes the source that already became a lot of diseases, appeal consumer wants to note environmental protection problem all the more when the choose and buy.
In fact, furniture pollution endangers healthy case to had emerged in endlessly.

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