"Green furniture " who comes to domestic occupation standard calm

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This year May, concerned media reported " pure natural talent is qualitative, avirulent furniture " in the United States contemporary furniture exhibits the 20th international (ICFF) meets cold condition, cause the attention inside course of study. In exhibit the most welcome on the meeting is " green furniture " , after all, "Green furniture " with " is pure natural talent qualitative, avirulent furniture " what distinction is there? What say on international " green furniture " with China " green furniture " what distinction to have again?
Current, the formaldehyde in product of furniture of regulation of Chinese mandatory standard releases a quantity to should be less than be equal to 1.5mg / L. Basically be the limitation of the chemical composition with pair of harmful environments that appear to the likelihood in furniture raw material. A few furniture companies that amount to mark get on their product coronal " green furniture " label, say for green product. Actually, this dispute often is worth deliberate.

"Green furniture " who comes to the standard order?
Be in early 1994, europe published the first about furniture " wooden furniture and mark of furniture setting zoology " standard, the harmful to the environment chemical composition that appears to the likelihood in furniture raw material tries to restrict. This standard includes many more the following respect:
Lumber: Lumber itself does not have any negative effects to the environment, but the likelihood when making material uses sterilization processing, harmful gas can be given off after sterilization agent is used. Standard regulation, mark product must not use classics sterilization agent treated ligneous material.
Plastic: Plastic appear with the form of component part in furniture middling, plastic basically decide by its additive to environmental influence. 3 kinds of chemical are fundamental additive under standard taboo: The heavy metal such as cadmium, chromic, lead or mercury or their compound; Hydrocarbon of alkyl of chloridize / halogenate, or bromine changes the organic thing such as 2 benzene aether; Have methylic, second radical, propyl, butyl, Xin Ji to wait for the phthalein of alkyl a group of things with common features.
Glass: Vitreous itself does not have a harm to the environment, but plumbic outfit glass is taboo in the standard. Plumbic outfit glass is the component that points to glass to built-in lead makes metallic frame and be become. Its production and manufacturing flotsam are harmful to the environment. Lead can be accumulative at plant, accumulation in biology catenary.
Adhesive and coating: Standard regulation, in adhesive and coating, every is contained by boreal Europe classify is any national levels, code harmful to the environment chemical composition, every kinds quantity should not exceed 1 % , and their gross also should not exceed 2 % . Set chemical not to answer stannous organic compound, halogenate organic matter or scent a group of things with common features solvent, also should not contain the phthalein that lists in afore-mentioned plastic material, heavy metal and its compound.
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