How small family of choose and buy furniture

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One, is preemptive furniture still decorated first?
The practice of average person often is to be decorated first buy furniture again. But the kind that this kind of specific measure that does not know furniture has decorating, the result often resembles buying the dress to not ask size is same, either too big or too small, it is color, style does not match.
Best method is before decorating a building, the furniture style that likes oneself first, color and price come down to tell to decorate stylist certainly. Stylist recycle becomes a monk or nun surely provide and decorate the plan that reachs harmony to unite in side of function, vision, data, buy furniture again, undertake decorating then.
2, small family how to match furniture?
In the space with small family limited bedroom, provides furniture must can satisfy environmental protection to live in need already, want can patulous space again.
1. modelling wants small and round. First selection is small-sized furniture, do not suggest to use have the pattern with angular arris, choose arc form furniture as far as possible.
2. simple sense wants lightsome and downy. Vitreous material qualitative furniture and downy shallow weak woodiness furniture can let a space become contracted, clever.
3. function wants practical and changeful, can save a space.
4. colour wants shallow and warm, can rise " enlarge " dimensional effect.

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