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Building materials of environmental protection furniture, environmental protecti

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The environmental protection furniture that material of use environmental protection manufactures can reduce indoor pollution source greatly, qualitative pioneer reminds in Guangzhou: What accurate production manufacturer and furniture production stuff must know please when buying furniture is relevant each side letter. Current, density board furniture is the furniture that compares environmental protection relatively.

1, the full name of density board is medium density beaverboard, the fine in also saying board, it is with wood fibre or other plant fiber is raw material, bring to bear on the man-made that Niao aldehyde colophony or other and applicable adhesive make board, shape via high temperature, high pressure again, density is very high, say so it is density board, its surface often is stuck with 3 get together the facing such as hydrogenous ammonia or wooden skin.
2, particieboard is machine lumber lave, cut material of lave, trail, or the raw material of fiber of blame timber plant paring that machines proper form, dimension, increase the board of a kind of man-made that glue squelchs next. Because its section plane is similar beehive shape, call particieboard so. Moistureproof grain is joined to say in particieboard moistureproof board.
Comparative project density board particieboard
Cost cost is higher inferior
Formaldehyde content is inferior taller
Finished product stink is lesser bigger
Density is higher inferior, loose Yi Song is moved
Material reachs the surface character even, exterior level off is inhomogenous, the surface is rough whole
The sex that defy a turn and tension sex are very good poorer
Moistureproof, anti-corrosive properties is better better
Wear-resisting, high temperature resistant the gender is better general
Ply expands rate is minor bigger
The strength that grasp a hammer is good, unfavorable decorating the spot treatment is poorer, fastener is unfavorable disassemble for many times
Craft difficulty asks easy treatment, sectional and orderly difficult treatment, frontier department coarse, paring is easy fall off
Treatment dimension precision is taller inferior
Sealing side is smooth, exquisite, adherent force is powerful coarse, easy collapse mouth, adherent force is poor
Conclusion: The analysis that passes density board and particieboard is comparative, although density board is taller than the cost of particieboard, but still should choose density board when making board type furniture most ideal. Have the market in full a distant relative with the same family name so, include Euramerican country, choose density board to make high grade furniture.

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