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Environmental protection decorates " 4 big errors: The window opens after be bei

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The family decorates contaminative problem to had made safety of health of serious harm mankind " recessive killer " , according to expert introduction, ' indoor environment is polluted ' had become afterwards " fuliginous pollution " and " actinic pollution " the 3rd big air pollutes the whole world later problem. The family is decorated poisonous well-known, but poison from why and those who will know however is very little, the house toxicant that although use material of green environmental protection to decorate entirely,brings about still exceeds bid badly however character. Experts of building environmental protection think, actually a lot of people walked into the error that environmental protection decorates.

The mainest error has the following:

Error one: The toxic substance that the family decorates basically originates plank and furniture, agglutinant of and rather than.

Fact: Lumber, natural plant is original and avirulent, because plank and furniture are lumber sticks what receive and become with glue, glue contains a large number of formaldehyde and benzene, consequently poisonous lumber originates sizy and not be lumber, and furniture plank holds the one share of an outfit only, perhaps saying is an one share that holds poisonous source.

Error 2: Plank, furniture is poisonous inextricability, metope wraps around ash is bagatelle nots worth to be carried more.

Fact: Metope is one of the most important segment in outfit, not only the area is large, and envelop whole room. Double flying pink is original and avirulent, but in modulation be bored with the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am needs many chemistry sizy and bring about poisonous; And everybody bad mistake is wrap around ash is bagatelle, bring about a large number of use inferior glue, make room air more abominable.

Error 3: Much door opening a window is ventilated after be being decorated went.

Fact: Because used chemistry sizy and bring about plank and home to have poison, medium formaldehyde release time is as long as glue 5 years to come 15 years, opening window of a few months is of no help.

Error 4: Glue is done with formaldehyde and benzene, do not contain formaldehyde and benzene impossible.

Fact: As the flying development of science and technology, the healthy plant gum that does not contain formaldehyde and benzene already quality of product of national environmental protection is supervised detect the center examines attestation, throw production, will replace the chemical gum that contains formaldehyde and benzene slowly.

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