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In recent years, rise as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, people had higher demand to life quality, more and more people begin to decorate his building, regard standard of living as a kind of sign that increase with this, even some of person was immersed in such error: Decorate have class more, life quality is higher. Little imagine, should decorate after finishing, while we are enjoying fruit, also take healthy killer into the life, affected life quality instead, affected life health even.
Walk out of household to decorate an error
As reform of policy of our country housing, housing commercialization pace is accelerated, the charge year after year that housing decorates rises.

According to statistic, countrywide residence is indoor decorate charge, be in every year at least above of 50 billion yuan of RMBs, big in the city is new, old the residence has 3/5 on average to had been done about decorate, the commodity house that sell, undertook 100 percent almost indoor decorate.
Decorate the reason that upsurges enthusiasticly for family of dug common people, the reporter comes to this city the building materials market of an old brand, before was being interviewed, will buy Mr Li of building materials, he says: "I just take the key of bridal chamber, decorate at once, before striving for the Spring Festival, enter, mix now different in the past, standard of living is better and better, had bridal chamber to want to be decorated first of course, improve living environment. Improve living environment..
However, people is improving living environment, improve life quality while, if do not undertake reason is decorated, it is wasteful and many natural resources not only, and also meet in the life that will decorate pollution to take his. Show according to investigating a data, formaldehyde of the 80% existence in the dweller family that at present our country town has decorated exceeds mark issue, decorate pollution to had been included one of factors of the biggest to public harm 5 kinds of environments. Our country adds leukaemia patient newly every year 40 thousand to 50 thousand person, about 50% it is children, the family that there is 90% between them is in half an year once had decorated.
Refer household decorates pollution, some household decorated gentleman of company stylist cereal to analyse a reason: "It is partial family pure consider from economic angle, think little beautiful money handles affairs more, buy the adornment material with inferior quality, bring about indoor air quality to amount to mark hard. 2 be, in domestic outfit project, what partial family adopts is the mode of " of labour of " Bao Qing, material of majority home outfit is by owner he is bought, and owner is lacked again discern an experience that assembles data. 3 be, blindly " breaks money " to also can cause pollution. The home that place of project of a few outfit uses assembles data, accord with a standard, but, because material has been used much, also can bring about indoor air pollution finally to exceed bid. Also can bring about indoor air pollution finally to exceed bid..
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