Furniture of careful choose and buy 5 do not buy

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Decorate pollution to avoid hard, household / furniture pollution also is cannot unwary one side.

1, the furniture that has intense exciting taste is not bought. The drawer can be pulled open when buying, open cupboard door, whether is the experience stimulated so that let tear of stream of people, if have such feeling, the formaldehyde content that shows this covers furniture exceeds bid badly.
2, the furniture that man-made board makes did not do what whole sealing side handles to be not bought. According to the national requirement about furniture quality, always use the furniture part that man-made board makes to should be handled via strict sealing side, especially furniture should want sealing side of demand perfection ministry with particieboard, in can restricting man-made board so of harmful material release.
3, the price is compared it is particularly low, easy to cut price do not buy. Because a few furniture used a large number of pledging the stuff with second low price, the price of furniture is cheaper, can chop on valence 1000 yuan at every turn, consumer sees the furniture ten million that is like petty gain want caution to this kind, apparently perhaps do not look to give what trouble, after using likely also and glad temporarily, can realize after period of time piece " a minute of money a minute of goods " truth.
4, discover what quality has clear problem furniture is immanent do not buy.
5, not be normal manufacturer production, perhaps do not have routine inspection test or qualitative check certificate of approval do not buy.

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