In indoor air " ammonia " origin and precautionary measures

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In indoor environment " ammonia " the concrete additive that in basically coming from winter to build construction, uses. These contain a large number of ammonia kind concrete additive of material, change as the environmental element such as temperature in wall body, and progressively by reductive the gas that become ammonia from inside wall body slow release, in creating indoor air " ammonia " chroma increases. National construction management department had strengthened the ammonia in concrete additive kind control and use of material.

Interior decoration material also can create indoor air medium " ammonia " pollution, the additive that uses when furniture cover with paint for instance and brightening gent have ammonia water for the most part. But, as a result of this kind pollution is released period shorter, won't long-term in air many stockpile, because the harm of this pair of human body is corresponding a few smaller, also should cause nevertheless take seriously.

Prevent and reduce indoor ammonia to pollute what should understand the ammonia in indoor air above all to release chroma, because ammoniac gas is released from inside wall body, the area of metope of indoor main body meets those who affect indoor ammonia release chroma. Habitant should know the structure of the room, utility of reasonable arrangement building. If feel indoor stimulating stink, had better have please detect indoor environment of the qualification detects the orgnaization undertakes indoor environment pollution detect. If exceed mark to be not entered, want to talk things over with development business when necessary, undertake indoor air pollutes processing. Next, when weather fine is good as far as possible many window is ventilated, this is avoid or reduce indoor ammonia pollution is the directest, also be the most efficient way. The 3rd, the season with ventilated window opens not easily perhaps in winter, can choose effective indoor air purifying device, can improve indoor environment quality apparently.

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