Decorate the project can produce what air contaminant normally and bring cause p

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The contaminant of general and indoor air of the generation in decorating a project includes:
The excitant odour that the place of volatile organic compound in the dust that burnish or produces when burnish housing materials and coating, dissolvent and sticky mixture produces.  
Following case is decorating the meeting in the process to cause problem of indoor air quality:
1, construction site was not kept apart by appropriate, bring about contaminant to diffuse elsewhere.
2, did not install appropriative exhaust, bring about construction site sky to enrage contaminant to increase.
3, it is in order to control without setting protective screen or crawl in cut and bore process the dust that produces.
4, use the housing materials that contains tall dissolvent part, wait like agent of coating, bind, paint and thinner.
5, the housing materials of and so on of coating, dissolvent, cleaner does not have appropriate after use sealed, deposit or handle.

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