Furniture pollution, furniture pollution, Guangzhou furniture pollution is one o

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Qualitative pioneer is furniture of Guangzhou of subordinate of bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection in pollution detects, processing of Guangzhou furniture pollution, Guangzhou decorates pollution to detect, pollution of air of the processing that Guangzhou furniture pollutes, Guangzhou detects the unit of processing, major detects the environmental protection orgnaization that furniture pollution, domestic outfit pollution, processing decorates formaldehyde of pollution, Guangzhou environment pollution, Guangzhou to pollute.

Pollution of interior decoration material and furniture pollution are the main source that at present indoor air pollutes. Filling of paint, plywood, particieboard, bubble, inside wall paint, plastic stick the material such as agent of face, bind to all contain the organic volatile such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene, chloroform, furniture pollution can release a large number of toxic gas, and it is durative release. If the abidance of formaldehyde volatilizes,cycle lasts commonly 3 - 8 years. Research organization of IARC world cancer labels formaldehyde the mankind by right of sufficient research achievement the first kind of carcinogenic substance, the action causing cancer of formaldehyde basically depends on chroma, gao Nong spends formaldehyde to wait to have harm to system of neurological, immunity, liver, have more cause the abnormal, effect that cause cancer. Below high temperature condition, of formaldehyde release can compare at ordinary times tower above 20%-30% .

Furniture pollution is serious, we should try to take seriously. Additional, benzene kind volatile gas, in constant temperature (28 ℃Above) also can appear contain benzene kind corporeal brandish discovers an elephant, main cross-eye, respiratory tract and skin have intense excitant effect, also have inhibition to hematopoiesis function. Study a proof, chronic benzene is toxic and main make medullary hematopoiesis function produces an obstacle, cause aplastic anemia.

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