How to prevent real wood floor to be out of shape

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After real wood floor is being spread, local can appear sometimes tile shape is out of shape, because the ground is damp,basically be, and ground moisture often is the reason such as ground get damp or local ooze water is caused. When using method of dragon framework laid, as a result of lumber wet bilge to drying shrinkage differs because of ligneous and differ, and difference of vertical transverse retractility is very big, so, after dragon framework encounters tide, also can appear be out of shape, craze, have wriggle through the earth, such floors can appear tile shape.

Use law of matting treasure matting to prevent afore-mentioned circumstances effectively to happen. This method because leave out dragon framework, also do not talk to go up metabolic problem. Shop of type of this kind of in suspension tries, appear wet coefficient via the test very small, have good water-vapor proof and moistureproof performance consequently. Matting treasure can open cement ground damp and wooden floor segregation well, the phenomenon of occurrence tile shape also can avoid such wooden floors.

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