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When we are clustered round by sundry adornment product place, often can look dazzlingly, do not know to rise from Hexuan. As " metope " the grand opera that adornment becomes household to decorate gradually, all sorts of facing material also are to emerge in endlessly, simple sense coating, artistic painting, hand draw coating really each has his strong point. A few days ago, the material of 3 kinds of metope of building materials market, make people big breathe out " fresh " .

"Stick " on the wall " liquid wallpaper "

One kind is called " liquid wallpaper " metope coating appeared in building materials market a few days ago, have the design feature of wallpaper already, have the advantage that low, life grows metope coating cost again. About a hundred kinds of design cooperates distinct impression and construction method, can change an effect of adornment of on 1000 kinds of metope.

Craft of ● raw material assures function of its environmental protection with use method

Liquid wallpaper is a kind of new-style and artistic painting, also call wallpaper lacquer, it is collect wallpaper and emulsioni paint characteristic the coating of environmental protection ability in swimming at a suit. Investigate function of its environmental protection, want above all from raw material proceed with. According to introducing, of wallpaper of this kind of liquid advocate raw material takes the surface layer classics from housing of natural conch biology to high temperature is handled and be become, some uses auxiliary of pink of acrylic latex, titanium white, painty etc to be made, avoided pollutant in composition of immanent raw material consequently.

In addition, what we know no less than, although the main raw material of wallpaper is the paper material of pure natural, little pollution and colophony of PVC of small in suspension, do not contain the harmful material such as lead, benzene, act the role of material photograph to compare with other chemistry, do not talk to go up almost noxiousness. But when decorating wallpaper, need to use gum of a few metope however, and the likelihood in metope glue can contain heavy metal and the aldehyde such as lead, mercury kind material, bring about indoor environment to pollute secondhand then. And liquid wallpaper fact belongs to coating of ability in swimming, because this is OK,the metope glue in renouncing use process is polluted and pungent odour, be in thereby explicit the environmental protection security that made sure the product is used. In the meantime, because be coating of ability in swimming, it still has the good moistureproof, performance that fight bacterium at the same time, give birth to bug not easily, not easy ageing.

● design effect abounds need major construction

Liquid wallpaper took common wallpaper tint the characteristic with strong result of rich, adornment. As we have learned, although it is a kind of coating, but the visual effect that spray gives and wallpaper are about the same, in the meantime, some products still can bring up an as identical as wallpaper tactility, no matter be exquisite and smooth,still be concave and convex have send very as similar as wallpaper. Of course, the design that the user still can have personalized pattern according to his idea and custom-built, the whole that raised household metope thereby decorates the effect.
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