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Domestic Ju Jiankang does not ignore detail

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Domestic house means health to be polluted without air not only, in living in surroundings daily, also have a lot of places that need an attention and link, if sofa of freezer, toilet, cloth, furniture, air conditioning, household is decorated,wait, the sanitation of these places is good, having to living in wholesome state of whole conclusive with decisive influence. To this, li Anxin of director of 302 hospitals dermatological department points out the liberation army, healthy family should be made from detail.

Should not be in freezer put not abluent unripe egg

Normally, stay inside freezer have appropriative egg case, people also thinks bright egg is put in freezer to be able to be saved longer. But from food sanitation angle looks, this is easy however the sex feeding a cause that is ignored is toxic hidden trouble. Because chorion is laying,the process is counteracted roll in basket, the contaminative source of the pollution that get and gallinaceous dung is consistent, contain salmonella possibly, cause food pollution. If open the hand when freezer to contact chorion, go touching the watermelon of incision or other edibles again, across pollutes unavoidable. Accordingly, should not be in freezer deposit not abluent unripe egg.

Toilet is the place of parasitism of a lot of bacteria

Toilet is the place of parasitism of a lot of bacteria, coliform organisms and pear form bug often can are stained with on doorknob hand, and the place such as lavatory, faucet can have bowel to at any time or breathe organic bacterium. The place such as hand of the strong water pushbutton of toilet, doorknob returns classics regular meeting to be stained with skin tit tumour the virus such as coccus of grape of yellow of virus, verrucous virus, gold, if there is the damaged that a few fleshes are less than soon on the skin, cause the skin disease such as dermatitis, eczema easily. In toilet, people does not have the faucet of the handle that can avoid the ground to want door of bring into contact with, lavabo. Below this kind of circumstance, although already serious ground washed a hand, opening the door, in the process that involves water, also can have the hidden trouble that catchs a bug. Accordingly, in toilet, should use qualification wash one's hands cleanness of fluid general hand is clean, at the same time the proposal is installed and use the faucet of trample type or inductive type, avoid to contact the place such as handle, pushbutton directly as far as possible, prevent alternate infection.

Cloth art sofa can cause bug of mould, mite

Cloth art sofa not only soft and comfortable, and can let a bedroom become more sweet, accordingly, welcome by people. When choosing cloth art sofa, should choose the sort of no matter press, lean, crowded, after releasing pressure can rapid spring back, and the cloth that does not have pollutant art sofa. Want at the same time often clean, otherwise, cloth art sofa may cause bug of mould, mite, pollute bedroom environment, the influence is healthy. Had better be to divide this world every week, flap with dry towel first, floating dust take out, reoccupy wet towel wipes cloth cover. If there is dust collector in the home, remove dust the effect will be better, but do not use suck brush, destroy those who spin weaving to go up to knit a line in case, can give cleaner mount flat model suck a head, adjust attraction in coming strong, so that cleared sofa is fine,seam the dirt in. No matter use which kinds of means, the armrest of sofa, cushion and aperture are the place that needs key cleanness. When sofa surface is stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth dips in water or sofa are special cleaner from mop is wiped inside extroversion, till take out besmirch. Still should cover the cloth of sofa every year tear open come down to be cleaned. Those who need an attention is, must wash cleaner thoroughly, catch bilge more easily otherwise. When weather is sunny, might as well will detachable the cushion that come down, cushion for leaning on take sunshine next insolating, kill mould in order to remove moisture.

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