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Formaldehyde content is written into standard of marriage gauze formal attire

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Yesterday, ministry of our country head " marriage gauze and formal attire " brigadier of industry state label is carried out formally since October 1. From now on marriage gauze and the history that formal attire produces manufacturing industry to do not have the end occupation standard.

As we have learned, new promulgate " marriage gauze and formal attire " occupation standard, the production that regulated marriage gauze, formal attire in the round makes a demand, enclothed examine (test) method, examine classified regulation, mark, pack, carry reach all technology feature such as keep in storage, be in to marriage gauze and formal attire at the same time the lubricious prison of the product is spent, the respect such as requirement of basic and safe technology and fiber composition and content made specific and specific provision, apply to the skirt that is production of main raw material with spin machine fabric kind marriage gauze and formal attire.

The standard considered quality not only, more the safety that considered people dress and comfortable sex, if marriage gauze is mixed,the formaldehyde content in formal attire finished product must not exceed every kilogram 75 milligram; The PH value of marriage gauze and formal attire must be controlled between 4.0-7.5; Marriage gauze and formal attire must not be put in peculiar smell and must ban with " dissoluble balmy amine " dye.

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