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Cause the main reason that indoor air pollutes

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According to association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment detects central expert introduces: Detect from current and indoor pollution analysis, the main source of indoor air contaminant basically has the following sides: The building reachs the activity of the interior decoration material, contaminant outdoor, products of combustion and person.
1, the pollution of interior decoration material and furniture is the main field that creates indoor air pollution at present, filling of paint, plywood, particieboard, bubble, inside wall paint, plastic stick the material such as the face to all contain formaldehyde, benzene, the organic steam such as toluene, alcohol, chloroform, above material has the sex causing cancer that comparative.
2, the pollution of building oneself, this kind of pollution is going out in progressively check, one kind is a building chemical substance was added in construction, (the antifreeze that northward winter construction joins, ammonia of oozy and toxic gas) . Another kind is the radon that forms by the radioactivity material in material of the stone in subterranean soil and building, floor tile, ceramic tile, this is a kind of colorless dull natural radioactivity gas, great to human body harm, arrange of American country environmental protection is investigated, the United States has the death of 14000 people and radon pollution every year to concern.
3, the pollution of the contaminant outdoor, the atmospheric outdoor pollutes the destruction with zoology environment badly, make of people live the condition is very abominable, aggravate indoor airy pollution.
4, the indoor air pollution that products of combustion causes, cook with smoking it is indoor flaming basically is polluted, the aerosol part in the lampblack in the kitchen and cigarette is extremely complex, had analysed a variety of analytic 3800 substance at present, they are in air exist with condition of collosol of gaseous, gas. Among them gaseous material is occupied 90% , among them a lot of material have the sex that cause cancer.
5, the metabolism of human body oneself and the volatilization of all sorts of life litter composition also is a cause that causes indoor air pollution. Person indoors activity, pass respiratory tract, skin, sweat gland except human body itself but eduction is many outside contaminant, other lives daily, if make up, destroy bug also can cause air to pollute, when the number inside the room is accordingly overmuch, can make a person tired, dazed, even shock. Other outsider indoors activity, can raise indoor temperature, make the microbial many breed such as bacterium, virus. Be in especially school of a few middle and primary school are more serious.
Expert analysis points out: The material that causes indoor air pollution presses state branch, basically have suspension grain content and gaseous pollution cause two kinds:
1, suspension grain content: Older suspension grain other people is like dirt, batt to wait, can be filtered by nose, throat, as to the thing of grain of petty in suspension that naked eye cannot see, wait like dust, fiber, bacterium and virus, can enter pulmonary alveolus as breath, create the burden of immune system, endanger the health of the body.
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