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Person house builds indoor air quality and human body health

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The time of the person that has 3/4 all one's life lives indoors, indoor air unexpectedly quality and human body health get an impact very big. The degree that indoor air pollutes, the quality that the environment gets and building get the structure is designed, select material, the element affinity such as construction.
After entering information period, person of quite a few lives for a long time, study and job are in the edifice, reached unprecedented level to office environment and the pursuit with civilized material. "It is with the person this " the first need that creation is helpful for health of body and mind getting indoor environment is people from beginning to end.
1.Empty temperament measures existence issue
People feels indoor environment is put in many problems, a lot of people blame indoor job, the life feels unwell, the bosom is frowsty, air is stimulating, have a headache to wait with allergy. Indoor existence wears a lot of getting contaminant, compare even outdoor the problem is more serious. Indoor environment problem is many sided, air quality is among them important on one hand. The relation of person and room core condition is very complex, delicate. The range that indoor environment involves is very wide also, and our knowledge is finite.
2.Indoor airy is main contaminant
Indoor airy pollution is compared outdoor more serious, some document report the possibility is 20 times larger, more even. Indoor housing materials, decorate material, furniture material sends out certain contaminant, the biology gas that human body itself sends out, smoke, cook and computer, copycat, the place such as electric home appliances3.Indoor air contaminant gets a feature
▲ pollution of big indoor air is different from incidence specific get environment of industrial and mining enterprises, involved crowd amount is large, included whole age group almost.
The exposure that ▲ contacts time to grow people to last for a long time indoors in the environment that air pollutes, very long to time of human body effect.
Very low indoor pollution won't exceed ▲ pollution chroma commonly mark, short-term wife body won't have apparent show.
The sort of ▲ contaminant is much plant by tens of thousands at the same time action is in air contaminant human body, can produce complex synergism, addition action, independent action or counteractive action.
▲ health harm is not clear the mechanism of action of long-term effect human body of indoor air contaminant and its broadness are worth these chroma dosage is not clear, to human body action reaction is tiny, slow with late hair.
4.How to realize green home outfit
Investigate discovery, a lot of consumer are just discover indoor environment to be polluted after decorate, adopt all sorts of measure to undertake remedial next. Do so actually, meet not only incur is very big get pecuniary loss, wasteful time and energy, lived for some time in the environment that is polluted however, also answer to health cause very big effect. Actually, decorate in current family in, consumer wants to add an attention more on each link only, can dreariness decorate pollution to block outside the door.
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