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Beware indoor environment pollution detects beware " three trap "

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What protect consciousness as the room core condition of consumer is ceaseless rise, indoor environment detects the standard means that becomes people to judge indoor environment to pollute degree, as a result of the drive of the market and interest, "Detect guerrilla " emerge as the times require.
When Song Ansheng of chairman of the committee that monitor reminds condition of Chinese room core consumer is undertaking indoor environment pollution detects, want vigilance 3 big trap: One, low trap. These people use the psychology of customer save money, with extremely small price temptation customer. 2, fast trap. Consumer undertakes indoor environment detects hope to understand contaminative situation as soon as possible, method of state specified standards must be course lab detect process ability issue data, and detect normally 3 after issueing time to be spot sampling as a result weekday of the lab. A few detect the data that guerrilla uses simple spot air detector to issue is far from credible. 3, free trap. Use detect freely bait, degree of pollution of condition of core of room of make a false report threatens consumer, undertake indoor environment pollutes processing product at high price next promote and purify processing, and collect fees according to room area when processing, a house calculates coming down is thousands of yuan of money.
Condition of Chinese room core monitors committee clew consumer, in the choice indoor environment detects must look when the unit detect the aptitude of the unit.

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