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Decorate pollution to cannot be ignored indoor decorate association to sum up 10

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"15 international of 3 · consume day of rights and interests " forthcoming, consumptive rights and interests is safeguarded this year " healthy · thought fors the time being " on thematic foundation, the environmental protection health in living in production of building materials domain, sale, use process, safety uses the intense attention that waits for a lot of problem to cause social all circles. To raise the indoor environment consciousness of broad consumer further, the indoor environment that the center that monitor summed up condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration 3 years to come to China to happen a few days ago pollutes 10 grand ceremony case, the harm problem that in residing building materials production, sale, use process to the home further, exists issues a warning.

As we have learned, the indoor environment that announces this pollutes 10 grand ceremony case to include: First indoor air decorate home formaldehyde pollution case is adjudged, first furniture pollute consumer of indoor environment case to obtain first compensate, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals case of damages of pollution of condition of core of room of lady of case of pollution of indoor environment formaldehyde, the Qin Dynasty, .

Guangdong new residence decorates pollution to cause case of compensation of pregnant woman abortion

At the beginning of 2003, tan Mou of consumer of city of Guangdong province Fosan's couple trusts place some decorates a company to undertake contractor bag makings decorate to its housing, the bridal chamber that is moved into new clothes to repair after lives, the Su Mou after 3 many months aborts suddenly. Classics is indoor detect the orgnaization determines, chroma of the formaldehyde in air of bedroom of bridal chamber sitting room all exceeds bid, among them advocate the bedroom exceeds national level 4 times much. Tan Mou's couple thinks, fetal abortion department decorates pollution to cause, fosan some decorates a company to tell a court. Court of the city zone of Fosan city buddhist passes sessional investigation twice, made first instance adjudicate on December 3, 2003 finally: The accused decorates business indoor to accuser decorate material to give demolish, one-time return accuser to decorate charge 19 thousand yuan, pay accuser medical treatment fee of cost, delay one's work, detect the cost, cost that rent a house 8791 yuan, pay accuser damages of 20 thousand yuan of spirit.

First indoor air decorate home formaldehyde pollution case is adjudged

1998, consumer Mr Chen asks Beijing to be versed in beautiful day becomes adornment company to decorate new home with 95716 yuan total prices. After project complete is entered, mr Chen feels unwell, via hospital inspection, fish is unexpectedly " tumour of larynx tit shape " , be in assist had an operation with the hospital. At this moment Mr Chen entrusts indoor environment to detect the branch undertook detecting on the spot, those who discover house is indoor is pungent the free formaldehyde be caused by that odour decorates stuff place brandish to give out therefore, chroma of the formaldehyde in indoor air exceeds the national sanitation level at that time on average 25 times! Mr Chen is requesting to decorate a company for many times " stop loss of enroach on, restorable, compensation " below the case that did not get answer from beginning to end, adornment the company told a court, obtain compensate all sorts of expenses total 89000 yuan.
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