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Processing decorates pollution to need a system to think

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"My home decorates 1 many months, the bedroom has from beginning to end very heavy decorate flavour, wait for a little while in house feel giddy, do not know to pollute a source to be in, want to sign up join morning paper ' environmental protection is decorated ' activity. " consumer is complained say, have many consumer hold is identical problem and doubt. Indoor decorate pollution after all to have how old harm, what method to adopt to you can be administered? Does owner treat pollution to govern presence what error?

Pollution is comprehensive and inevitable

Decorate pollution to be carried year after year, but because decorate the case of illness that cause however year after year increases, decorate pollution after all what to harm there is? Decorate the disastrous effect that pollution causes, direct menace arrives of people healthy. In recent years, the example that creates people sicken because of decorating pollution is increasing, and it is malignant tumor, leukaemia, infecund not the major disease such as Yo, fetal stillborn foetus. A lot of consumer are decorated, meet fish such and such problem, although cannot say,completely domestic outfit pollution is brought about, but a lot of pathological changes are by " decorate pollution " cause. Owner people discovery of the ability when often detecting, formaldehyde exceeds bid, TVOC exceeds bid...

According to the near future domestic and international professional orgnaization is investigated, benzene fastens content to be decided to be harmful to human body contaminant, the probability that causes cancer, leukaemia is very high, at present domestic and international very much professional orgnaization begins the indoor contaminant such as grain of pair of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, carbon monoxide, dirt to undertake comprehensive analysis, decorate pollution far more than already formaldehyde. According to statistic, the time of a day of average 70%~80% spends people indoors, the all the time is not contacted with contaminant, its are endangered also is to be not had soundlessly of breath.

Indoor decorating pollution is caused integratedly by a lot of elements, those places that are not taken seriously by people often can become contaminative source. Decorate owner not less to decorate building materials of use environmental protection, but TVOC, benzene fastens content content or exceed bid, main reason: 1. The country is right the limitation of the plank such as carpentry board, man-made board is inferior, did top limit to formaldehyde content only, the content of other and harmful material such as benzene, TVOC did not do any restriction; 2. Harmful gas is released have accumulate, overlay effect; 3. People is insufficient to the furniture, carpet, curtain attention that deserves to act the role of, but these often are the biggest ab extra " poisonous source " . In addition, sizy, thinner decorate complementary material to often also be ignored by people. Go up objectively tell, decorate pollution inevitable, consumer is not an expert, cannot ensure decorate every link to do not have a problem, the processing that needs to look for major, detect orgnaization help.
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