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Indoor air pollutes case

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---The time that modern people spends 80~90% above on average is waited for indoors.
---Before we notice outdoors air is polluted first, in recent years more and more attention is put in " IAQ of indoor air quality " .
---Chroma of indoor air contaminant often prep above outdoor.
Clammy building disease group
---Clammy building disease group Sick Building Syndrome, disease of SBS, office group, the building syndrome, airtight disease that build thing group Building Illness of the Tight Building Syndrome, disease that build thing
---Show a series of symptom of the employee inside acting office large building, include dizzy, have a headache, throat dries up, the eye is prickled, cough, asthma, skin feels quick reach dry etc.
---Happen in air conditioning edifice normally, diagnostic is when employee only when the office just can appear, when coming off work to leave the office or have a holiday, unwell nature disappears.
---WHO maintained 1982: Every brings about human body because of pollution of the air inside the building unusual symptom, like nerve noxiousness symptom (contain dizziness, have a headache, tired, cannot notice to wait for) centrally, mucous membrane stimulates a symptom (contain eye, nose, larynx to feel the) such as stimulation, bad taste, similar asthma fit, call clammy building disease group.
The school
---Yuan of elementary school of Japan that add congratulate, 2003/4 school rebuilds, after be being decorated afresh, brand-new school building becomes unexpectedly " the classroom that makes a person cause disease " , classroom air is full of decorate and antiseptic chemical material.
---A lot of child child unwell and serious to must ask for leave, force school square must entire school removes greatly, move to go to school somewhere else.
---Additional some read and correct proof is built, the indoor air check of the auditorium goes out than official standard tower above the toluene of 30 times (the organic dissolvent that causes cancer)
The school runs public place
---Environment of association of Chinese interior decoration monitors a center: Because indoor air is polluted,cause death every year eleven thousand and ten people. 2002/10
---Beijing office place is indoor air samples detect: Ozonic of ﹑ of ammoniac ﹑ formaldehyde exceeds standard ratio to be 81% ﹑ 42% with 50% .
---Center of guidance of prophylaxis and treatment of sickness of Chinese children hygiene at first " pollution of Chinese indoor environment and children healthy seminar " : Because decorate pollution to cause the upper respiratory tract,the mainland makes an appointment with 2.1 million children every year infection is deadly, among them the cause of death of a year old of the following children and indoor air pollution are concerned. (Disease of 5 years old of the following children suffers from family of above of half the number to had been decorated inside half an year.
---The nursery school pollution with exterior jacket better, more beautiful zhuang1huang2 is bigger, pollution of increase sharply of children strabismus, amblyopia, myopic case of illness and environmental adornment, indoor air is concerned.
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