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Decorate pollution indoor decorate the origin that pollutes indoor air pollution

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Because decorate material to use,indoor environment pollution basically is undeserved caused indoor air to pollute thereby. The cause that causes pollution of indoor ambient air has 3: It is indoor environment the design is unreasonable, the room is overmuch and applicable same kind of material, if large area spreads compound floor to cause formaldehyde to exceed bid, 2 it is craft unreasonable, the tradition decorates craft to consider indoor environment issue rarely, if be in compound floor lower berth is big core board, varnish is brushed to prevent break on the wall, conventional technology makes furniture not sealing side, can cause indoor air pollution. 3 it is a choice inferior decorate material, indoor or the product that each respect should buy to assuring manufacturer is produced as far as possible when the family is specialized in. There are progress of science and technology and standard of living when indoor air is polluted rise, the surroundings with people more comfortable pursuit and appearing problem.
Healthy to people harm is the at present greatest, it is the pollution that the building decorates material and indoor facilities respect: It is the pollution that building itself causes, if irrigate when cement, Sha Shi, can add additive, radon is contained in mixing clay, there is radioactivity material to wait in scoria brick. 2 it is the pollution that decorates material to bring, the formaldehyde in be like plank, paint, benzene, especially cheap material pollution is more serious. 3 it is the pollution that furniture brings, if board type furniture can release the formaldehyde of certain amount, meeting attune comes to glue of gush of cloth art sofa the pollution of benzene.
Although know indoor air pollution to be able to cause very great harm to us, but how do we know the home is medium again whether is air pollution serious? We detect besides the indoor air pollution that asks major the orgnaization detects beyond, a few cases that the feeling that still can pass oneself and life appear in such environment will judge, watch of pollution of general and indoor air is the following now 12 respects:
1, when early morning gets up, feel oppressed, disgusting, giddy even dazzled;
2, often easy head cold, lack of power;
3, although do not smoke to also contact smoking environment rarely, but often feel voice is uncomfortable, the eyewinker feels, breath not free;
4, the child in the home force of constant cough, sneeze, immunity drops, the house child that new clothes writes is not willing to come home;
5, family often has the trouble such as skin allergy, and be group of hair sexes;
6, family gets a kind of disease in all, after leaving this living environment, the symptom improves apparently;
7, newlywed is long-term and infecund, do not check give a reason;
8, pregnant woman is pregnant normally the discovery below the circumstance is fetal and unbalanced;
9, new after moving to be decorated newly perhaps, houseplant survives not easily, leaf sends yellow, wither easily, especially the plant with a few extremely strong vitality also grows normally hard;
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