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Green is decorated is hype mostly

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"True green, environmental protection is decorated come true very hard at present. " language of expert of city qualitative inspect goes breathtaking. Express, in our country first " adornment decorates level of environmental mark technology " before finish and be being announced, "Green home is installed " etc is to did not consult mostly the notional word of content.
Benzene, formaldehyde, radiate... these and home install always together " by-product " causing a citizen to be anxious increasingly, decorate an enterprise to be made an appointment with scarcely then and hit together " green " , " environmental protection " card.
Those who make a person awkward is, there is building of the new clothes between where to be able to be entered quickly hardly in reality (unless house-owner him buy the health with family at disregarding) , often pass a few months endless and ventilated remove excitant odour hard also. A few citizens raise question from this: "We buy act the role of material mostly nominal accord with formaldehyde to discharge a standard, businessman also issued certificate of conformity, be installed how or close nevertheless? Be installed how or close nevertheless??
Qualitative inspect expert says, actually, index of building materials of the alleged green that consumer uses, environmental protection is opposite, not be not to have the formaldehyde, absolutely environmental protection that does not have harmful material. If the formaldehyde in a floor releases a quantity to perhaps do not exceed bid, but decorate used floor board, coating and furniture overlay to rise, the harmful gas that its release exceeded national level.
City pledges inspect bureau expresses about chief, our country will come on stage formally at next year " adornment decorates level of environmental mark technology " , this standard should undertake to harmful material gross is controlled, the harmful material amount that can bear the weight of according to the building tries to calculate, decide use building materials and furniture. Of up to mark decorate an enterprise, will issue our country's only environmental attestation sign.
Media near future reports camphorwood furniture is harmful to human body, unfavorable place in the bedroom. City furniture guild expresses about the expert, cannot enrage to the scent of camphorwood by individual consumer only flavour is incommensurate judge its " poisonous " , do not have authoritative orgnaization to had been made to this at present maintain, the country also measures a level without corresponding check, and the history that camphorwood uses at making furniture already had thousands of years, consumer can be at ease use.
Qualitative van company reminds you in Guangzhou: Before decorating, undertake contaminative administering to decorating material first, can solve the problem exceeding bid such as the armour 酫 that causes because of decorating material, benzene, TVOC effectively.
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