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Bridal chamber enters notice

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Had made 3 move, give you health of an environmental protection, sweet new home!
The first pace: Enter bridal chamber to be disinfected first
Many harmful to human body health noxiousness material are contained in cement, lime, paint, coating, wait like formaldehyde, lead, benzene. These material can enter human body through respiratory tract and skin, bring about toxic or anaphylaxis. So, everybody should notice to disinfect above all before new residence is entered.

The alexipharmic method of the bedroom is very much, if metope already made decoration, can use 3% lysol aqueous solution, or with the acid of second crossing oxygen of 3% solution sprays. The ground sprays should even, of wall spray height should be in 2 meters of above, after spraying, need to close window of new residence door 1 hour above. In addition, can use room of the suffocating that feed vinegar.

The 2nd pace: Ventilated medicinal powder flavour has exquisite
Decorate good bedroom to answer as far as possible ventilated medicinal powder flavour, do good air to purify the job, general need 5 to 10 days, yi Kegen occupies circumstance of indoor air quality to be lengthened appropriately.
● is small stick person: The room is ventilated medicinal powder the method of flavour has very much exquisite. Cannot open airing of quickness of all door window, such metope contain easy occurrence flaw. Convenient and scientific method has: Open indoor door, the window that uses kitchen, toilet undertakes ventilated; puts on a few to contain the cold water that feeds vinegar indoors, can protect indoor coating area already, the peculiar smell; that can absorb remain again still can put the pineapple of on a few crude fibre indoors, accelerate the rate that draws peculiar smell.
The 3rd pace: The plant discharges poison to have safeguard
Those who pass period of time is ventilated medicinal powder flavour, contaminant sends out had entered release a process adagio, no matter you again how ventilated, impossible also at a draught purify. Accordingly, we should prepare to call protracted battle at this moment.
● is small stick person: We can use following a few methods: It is to put flowers plant above all kind, for instance ball of bracketplant, celestial being, this kind of plant has certain suction flavour action, the harmful material; in can removing air is to buy a few agents that divide flavour next, these agents that divide flavour can be brushed it is above furniture, but, those who need an attention is, when buying a product, should notice whether the product is poisonous side-effect. Of course, this phase room continues even ventilated, take a breath, unfavorable enter immediately

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