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Decoration decoration pollution is more terrible than expected actually sufferi

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Autumn is peak season for decoration, the house smell for some time after the bulk, just one winter, many residents began to busy new house. But time is not long, some people will find strange body, such as respiratory discomfort, skin irritation, head Dizziness, nausea, cough, this is the fault of interior decoration pollution. Many surveys have confirmed that at home and abroad: large amounts of toxic gases caused by indoor air pollution than the much more terrible gray sky outside. Leukemia, lung cancer, birth defects ... ... these words more and more alarming and "Decoration pollution" together. Some experts pointed out that following the "coal smoke", "motor vehicle exhaust type" polluted, modern people are entering the "indoor air pollution" as a symbol of the third period of contamination. Three-month renovation leukemia There is a theory called "city people are not afraid of fake fear of formaldehyde", these words for Mr Li of Nanjing is no exaggeration. In 2002, he and his mother happily moved into a newly renovated 60 square meters of new houses, did not think, just moved to 3 Months, he and his mother while feeling under the weather, to the hospital for a check and found that both suffered from "aplastic anemia." The Nanjing Environmental Monitoring Center, the new house, Mr. Li formaldehyde 12.6 times Exceeding 3.3 times of volatile organic compounds. As a result, Mr. Li decoration company to court, up to 9 months after trial, in July 2003, he finally won the case and received the compensation due. If Mr. Li and his mother as an adult, fairly strong resistance on the decoration pollution, Lin Mawei District, Fuzhou people are telling us the painful experience, decoration pollution is tantamount to child killers. August 2004, Lin Fu Women and 4-year-old daughter move into a new, less than 10 months, the children were found to have acute leukemia, more than two months later, died. This is our first new home renovation caused by formaldehyde in people over the death of Peugeot. For more people, because of the prior do not realize decoration pollution could have serious consequences, which makes the damage caused by a rude awakening. June 2007, Ms Lau modified to re-look at home, including painting and plastering, Because not a big move, she moved out no, while the decoration side in it. Decorated with a month full time, she will breathe a month of toxic gases. After renovation less than a year, she found herself frequently High fever, body rash from a lot of the hospital diagnosed with a blood disease, the cause is formaldehyde poisoning. Progression of the disease quickly, Sharon finally left the world. Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a last 7 years indoor environmental investigation report. Surveyed 10,000 people living in Beijing, new or renovated more than 10 community and more than 30 luxury hotels, office buildings, conference Centers and laboratories. It was found that indoor air pollution, including chemical, physical, biological, radioactive material more than 50 species of four categories, including formaldehyde, benzene and volatile organic compounds exceeded 20 to 30 times the maximum goes to 40 times. Respondents, headache, dizziness, fatigue, poor sleep, 30%; with skin irritation of mucous membranes accounted for 30% -40%; have chest tightness, throat problems, 30% -40%; rhinitis accounted for 40% ... ... the World Health Organization , There are 10 million people worldwide each year because of indoor air pollution and asthma deaths, of which 35% are children. Five indoor pollution culprits Is it really "put the idea of decoration pollution?" Zhang Jinliang Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers said environmental studies, indoor air pollution in China mainly comes from three aspects: the pollution caused by construction itself, such as certain building materials as Radioactive background of higher raw material, while the presence of radioactive contaminants; interior decoration materials and processes caused by pollution, such as sheet metal, chemical fiber carpets, wallpaper, etc., especially in low-grade material, more pollution; furniture and appliances Pollution caused by the release of formaldehyde, such as furniture, fabric sofa spray caused benzene pollution. Scientific research shows that more than volatile organic compound materials containing more than 300 kinds, the most important, the most damaging of 5 species: Formaldehyde - mainly from sheet metal, such as wood-based panels, sandwich panels and glued agent materials. Long-term exposure can cause nose, mouth, nasopharynx, throat, skin and digestive tract cancer; while low doses of contacts will appear Chronic respiratory diseases, pregnancy syndrome, and even lead to nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Benzene - mainly from paint, paint, glue, wallpaper, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents, solvents and so on. Benzene has a special flavor, but it is a strong carcinogen, long-term inhalation may damage human circulatory system and blood drive Energy, leading to leukemia. Radon - The World Health Organization announced the latest research results show that radon and lung cancer has become the second largest after the incentive for smoking. Capital University of Medical Center of lung cancer treatment, said Professor Zhi Xiuyi, radon is a natural radioactive Gas, colorless and tasteless, like the "invisible smoke", which is the main hiding places such as granite and ceramic tiles and sanitary ware products. The average radon concentration per cubic meter of space, 100 Baker, increased risk of lung cancer increases by 16%. In United States, about 60 people a day radon killed, more than AIDS deaths. Ammonia - mainly from concrete additives and interior decoration materials. Ammonia easily soluble in water, eye, throat, upper respiratory tract function quickly, strong irritant. Short-term inhalation of ammonia will occur tears, sore throat, cough, chest tightness , Difficulty breathing, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue and so on. Construction, especially in the winter in large numbers in antifreeze. Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) - mainly from the furniture, wallpaper and so on. Can lead to immune disorders, affecting the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, chest tightness and other symptoms, but also may affect the digestive system System, loss of appetite, nausea, severe cases can damage the liver and hematopoietic system. These five substances decoration pollution will become a true "invisible killer" it? Zhi Xiuyi said, decoration materials, indoor air pollution caused by cancer is really important reason. In the year-old boy suffering from lung cancer cases, material contamination is to be pregnant One suspected culprit. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention deputy director, Yang Gonghuan epidemiologist researcher said that the decoration of the toxic substances may be associated with leukemia. New house a good idea to "physical" Face just renovate the new house, should we stay a hurry how to deal with the air smell? Several experts give you support the following recipe. Stone with the use of wood. China Consumer Association, said Dong Jingsheng, deputy Secretary-General, selected decoration design options, a single material can not use too much, the best wood, stone, glass and wrought iron and other materials for use with. Selection of about 100 wood-based panels. Panel most likely to be sources of pollution, there is a simple selection criteria: each 100 yuan of plywood than insurance; 100 square meters of room to control the amount of Daixinban 20 or less. The most environmentally friendly solid wood furniture. The least amount of solid wood furniture with plastic, pollution is also small; try not to put the room in a small space or large bulky furniture; do not choose the same material and surface of furniture, especially the paving of the composite to Floor panels and other man-made family, as little as possible choose plywood furniture. Ventilation month. Large, complex renovation works, the best ventilation month to live. Renovation or reconstruction of simple terms, we must pay attention to window to allow air flow, as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other pollutants than the proportion Air large, multi-submerged in the bottom room, only the air flow to make them cast out. To the new house "examination." Many people believe that the pungent smell after decoration only pollution, smell the smell to that there was no pollution. This is not so, toxic and harmful gases, formaldehyde has a pungent odor, radon to colorless and tasteless. Into Live, the best qualified authorities to find the detection and evaluation of indoor air toxicants. Larger office space on the renovation, the National Interior Decoration Association Vice President, Director of Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee Song Guangsheng stressed that the best choice for building decoration materials, toxic pollution and office furniture; ventilation time longer than the average family ; A good idea to check indoor air quality testing; some plants on the adsorption of pollutants, such as ivy, cycads can absorb benzene and organic matter, spider plant, aloe vera can absorb formaldehyde.

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