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Decoration pollution which harm the human body is difficult volatile harmful g

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In the home decoration, artificial wood and its products, adhesives, interior paint, wood furniture, wallpaper, paste the wall covering, Pihui with the 107 rubber, plywood and flooring with the 804 plastic, low-grade adhesive, foam , paint and others have There may be out of formaldehyde and volatile. Decorated using paint, flooring and other man-made board, in addition to containing formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, there are many other volatile organic compounds (TVOC), will be on the human body Cause great harm. In general, the market can see the furniture, whether high or medium and low, are dominated by wood-based panels, such as particleboard, MDF, plywood, plywood and other five, all contain formaldehyde, a Benzene, xylene and other volatile organic compounds and so on. In addition, benzene is also present in the decoration of a big "killer." It is a colorless, has a special aroma of the gas, benzene and benzene inhaled, may appear the central nervous system anesthesia; inhibit human-made Blood features that make red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia patients is higher; can lead to menstrual abnormalities, fetal congenital defects. Leather, glue, paint and adhesives is a major source of benzene . These harmful gases are not volatile in the short term end, the time to evaporate completely for up to a year or longer. Home decorating is often accompanied by some of the indoor pollution hazard alert for everyone, but man do not know is this: the kitchen Housing formaldehyde pollution level of the strength of its hazards are often much more than bedroom and living room. Consumers in the bedroom and living room becomes more and more aware of formaldehyde contamination, while often fail to see the kitchen cabinets, countertops and other quality materials and decoration of the Caused by pollution. Kitchen pollution hazards mainly from three aspects: 1. Material Pollution: kitchen cabinet volume accounts for at least 1 / 3, if the Panel is not up to the main raw material, cooking fire when heated, formaldehyde and other harmful substances bound to accelerate the evaporation precipitation; 2. Countertops pollution: In addition to some granite countertops often exceeded the presence of radioactive material, some nominal "artificial stone" of the material, often with some of the resin mixing cheap limestone, quartz powder synthesis, contains large amounts of volatile benzene Quality; 3. Accessories pollution: are generally implemented on-site installation of the whole cabinet, if the operation is not standardized, such as the abuse of adhesive bonding materials, plywood, or Mifengbuyan Edge, will continue to release harmful substances, people shed tears and even a runny nose Skin rash. Decoration pollution damage on the human body ★ formaldehyde (a colorless, irritating gas) Main source: plywood, Daixinban, Micronesia and other man-made sheet metal panels and particleboard, furniture, plastic wallpaper, carpets and other aspects of large-scale use of adhesives. Hazard: The cancer-promoting substances, causing nausea, vomiting, coughing, chest tightness, asthma or emphysema, chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities, neonatal physical reduction, under the children's intelligence Down. ★ TVOC (room temperature, volatile organic compounds in the air, has a special smell) Main sources: decoration and building materials, furniture, wallpaper, wall covering, carpets, textile products, detergents and fragrances. Hazard: toxic, carcinogenic, and a special smell, can affect the skin and mucous membrane of the human body after exposure to acute or chronic injury. ★ benzene (colorless, aromatic odor) Main source: synthetic fibers, paints, all kinds of paint and coating additives and diluents, various solvent-based adhesive waterproof material. Hazard: carcinogen, mild poisoning can cause drowsiness, headache, nausea, chest Jinshu flu, and symptoms of mild irritation. Severe poisoning can appear blurred vision, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, convulsions and coma .

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