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Expert Weapon decoration pollution prevention need to avoid formaldehyde

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Home Decoration Association Chongqing Dragonscale Commission for the decoration pollution Weapon week. He suggested that consumers should choose environmentally friendly decorative materials, environmental protection and home improvement company, purchase of environmentally friendly furniture, decoration pollution treatment after the effective removal of several aspects, a link can not be sloppy. Decoration: the design of interior space in particular to take full account of the carrying capacity and ventilation; try to use non-toxic, less toxic, no pollution, less pollution, construction technology, such as wood-based panels coated with paint Jukou Department should make it fully cure, prevent dissemination of formaldehyde; strict accordance with the selection of qualified national standard decoration materials, the country has developed dozens of "interior decoration materials, harmful substances" compulsory standard. Purchase of furniture: the national standards to buy furniture, ask for "furniture for use" to see if the content of formaldehyde indicated. Also note that the furniture materials, the best selection of wood furniture, high material sealing; new buy not to rush into the living room furniture, furniture in the best conditions for the release of harmful gases and then a period of time; newly purchased artificial wood made wardrobe try not to use underwear, pajamas and children's clothing on the inside; If you purchased or made furniture with Daixinban found to stimulate the use of smell, spicy eyes, should be considered likely to provoke formaldehyde the disaster, as soon as possible to take effective approach. Detection and treatment: 1. Removal of formaldehyde hazards Ventilation: The circulation of indoor air can reduce the indoor air of harmful substances. In winter, people often closed doors and windows, indoor and outdoor air can not flow, not only the content of formaldehyde in indoor air will increase, radon gas will continue to accumulate, even to the very high concentration. 2. Activated carbon adsorption removal of formaldehyde hazards: Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug expert. The physical effect of activated carbon deodorization, detoxification, no chemical additives, no effect on the person. 3. Soil strokes clear the formaldehyde hazards: 300 grams of tea bubble tea the two basin of water, into the living room, and window ventilation, formaldehyde levels within 48 hours will drop more than 90%, and basic elimination of irritating odor. 4. Plant hazard removal of formaldehyde in addition to taste Method: General indoor environmental pollution in the mild and moderate pollution, the value of 3 times the national standard environment, the use of purification plants to achieve better results. Different functions according to the room, an area the size of the selection and display plants. Under normal circumstances, a room 10 square meters, 1.5 meters high plant more appropriate place two basins. Spider plants, aloe vera, agave, etc. can reduce indoor formaldehyde concentrations.

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