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Several property owners on the discussion of decoration pollution

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Discussion 1: Many owners said: I national laws and regulations are used in standard materials, there will be no problem. But the standard material does not mean environmentally friendly materials; standard material is not free from adverse substances, but in a limited range; in the limited space compliance with 10 plates with 20 plates are not standard; and type of decoration materials, the more the individual cumulative there may be excessive. In addition, it is worth attention is the extent of the dissemination of harmful gases and temperature is closely related to summer and winter or summer, air conditioning will significantly affect the dissemination of harmful gas situation. Discussion 2: Have owners that: the smell certainly fitting, ventilated months just fine. We vacated the property a few months not to mention the economic losses caused. Ventilation is indeed effective but can not fundamentally solve the problem, is a typical method of treating the symptoms not the cause. Because the issue of indoor air pollution and harmful gases on the incubation period, under normal circumstances, the incubation period of six months or more of benzene, toluene, xylene incubation period of more than 1 year, incubation period of the most harmful formaldehyde can reach 3-15 years (and decoration process, room temperature), it can not be said that several months nothing new home ventilation. In fact, as long as a month with a vacancy arising from the rental management fee increases that your new home can do a full range of integrated management of the. 24 hours after the treatment you can secure in, perfectly healthy to stay out. Discussion 3: Owners also say: I arranged the home as a park, put a lot of green plants to absorb harmful gases, so there should be no contamination, right? Admittedly, some green plants on the absorption of harmful gases, but the plants absorb the amount of harmful gases is negligible, for the removal of pollution after decoration, not very useful! Also, do not forget two things: one, plant photosynthesis only in the daytime, at night, like the human body when it is inhaled oxygen with exhaled carbon dioxide, and most people are home at night to sleep; Second, one day, the air inhaled is about 20KG, the equivalent of 52 100 square meters of air the weight of an ordinary room, place one day at home in the green plants can absorb the harmful gas is small, and how much carbon dioxide is exhaled very much! Discussion 4: The owners asked: I did not smell the pungent odor, how exceeding it? 3 times the levels of formaldehyde, the generally smell pungent, irritating odor when the smell has exceeded 4 to 8 times more, enough to make you and your family harm. And this smell of gas is more terror, because you unknowingly poisoning, when found it is too late ... ... and especially in the summer, high temperatures, the formaldehyde emission and other harmful substances are also high, but also to doors and windows closed up and air conditioning, indoor air can not flow with the outside world, harmful substances will have piled up, the greater the damage will be. And every person the feeling of formaldehyde and other harmful gases are not the same. Had bit Miss Zhang Xing, due to pregnancy in the body, are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, although the test results of the master bedroom only 0.10 mg / m (just standard), but she still felt a back bedroom on the uncomfortable, dry throat, itchy throat and fatigue. Therefore, she would rather sleep in the former treatment is better ventilated bedroom hall rather than sleep. We do not rule out the psychological effect of her myself, but it is enough to prove that everyone on the reaction of formaldehyde and other harmful substances are not the same. Discussion 5: Owners are also environmentally friendly materials that decoration, decorated with air freshener, grapefruit skin, tea, vinegar Nongnong on the line. In fact, only in a smell with air freshener to cover up the smell of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, no hazardous substances in and or decomposition, while the grapefruit skin, tea, vinegar means of adsorption, adsorption effect is very poor, only you and your deeper poisoning your family! Discussion 6: There are also the owners, said: "superscalar how could it? Decoration company gave me a few days before detection are qualified!" In fact, his only decoration company responsible for the renovation would you buy without furniture and other decorative objects responsible. Most of the root causes of excessive focus on custom-made wall cabinets, kitchen cabinets, ceiling and the purchase of the TV cabinet, wardrobe, mattress, sofa and so on.

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