Indoor air is polluted,- - the aeriform killer that endangers people health

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◆ our country pollutes the dead number that cause every year to already amounted to 111 thousand person because of indoor air, die on average everyday 304 people, be equal to the number that disaster of countrywide every overhead traveling crane dies fitly.

Doctor of comfort of doctor of chairman of internal medicine of hospital of ◆ Beijing children tells media: A year since in examined leukaemia children, had decorated in patient family half an year 10 have 89.

What ◆ modern contracts a disease, about 68% with indoor air pollution is concerned, indoor air pollution can be caused cancer, leukaemia, infecund not more than kinds of 30 disease such as Yo, fetal deformation.

On June 19, 2001, cases of first harm of indoor air pollution are in China court of Beijing prosperous smooth people is sessional. Mr Chen obtains accuser compensate 89 thousand yuan, the price that he pays is tumour of shape of tit of excision pharynx and larynx.

◆ in August 2001, city of Shanxi in relief spring Ms. Liu has two bedrooms be decoratinged simply, after 3 months, year only 18 years old of sons that reading high school break out leukaemia.

◆ BeijingBright redThe lady exceeds bid badly because of the benzene inside the car, cause toxic death, abundant stage court accepts this proposal.

Institute of tumour of ◆ Harbin blood closed last year treated patient of tumour of many 1800 blood, 47.6% be condition pollution creates indoor link.

◆ is in investigation of patient of many 1200 senile leukaemia, the family that has 54.6% has been decorated inside half an year.

From above a few case, we can see indoor air pollutes pair of mankind health to already caused how old menace. Increase of consciousness gradually as people environmental protection, decorate the attention that pollutes an a series of brought issues to cause people more and more. Indoor air pollution has 300 a variety of contaminant, it is people place to have heply normally: Formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, these harmful gas basically originate the paint that interior decoration uses, plywood, particieboard, inside things of wall paint, furniture, office and building wall body, compound floor, carpet is waited a moment.
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