Because indoor environment causes the cause that winter catchs a cold

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1. because building, adornment and the harmful material that furniture produces cause stimulation of people respiratory system and people immunity force to drop, increased people to infect the opportunity of the cold, also can make some cold symptoms accentuate and already was cured hard.

Classroom of the office building with airtight for heat preservation 2. , family, school and other public all sorts of medium virus and bacterium become the new contaminative source in indoor environment, this also is a cold be able to popularity and the main reason that cure not easily.

The pollutant in condition of 3. room core if the volatile material such as gas of formaldehyde, ammonia causes harm to the respiratory system of human body above all, and the grippe is the infection of acute respiratory tract that causes by flu virus.

The temperature in condition of core of 4. winter room and humidity are improper also be the main factor that creates cold popularity. Contrast of temperature of room inside and outside is too big, indoor perhaps relative humidity is too low it is the general issue in condition of winter room core. Difference in temperature of room inside and outside is very big, human body suits hard, gave a cold an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage. Indoor air is too dry, the bacterium that floats in air and virus can look for you.

Pollution of condition of core of 5. winter room has the pollutant in indoor air much, people indoors the characteristic with the little chance of indoor and time grow in quantity of the activity, ventilated take a breath, harm of indoor environment pollution is more serious.

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